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Necron Codex, GW, Privateer, SW LEGION Minis & Adepticon 40K Winner

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Mar 26 2018

We’ve got everything from 40K’s new Unbeatable List, to the New Necron Codex, Privateer and Star Wars LEGION new minis, and more!

40K: The Unbeatable List – Adepticon 2018

The dust has settled and a new champ has been crowned at Adepticon 2018!

Star Wars: Legion – Han Solo & The Rebel Strike Team

The next two Rebel expansions have been announced – Commander Han Solo and the Rebel Commandos are on the way!

40K: Codex Necron Deep Dive

We’ve got Codex Necrons and we’re taking a tour through all the units with another Deep Dive!

Geekery: LEGO – Not Just a Toy

This high school student from Spain built a prothetic limb for himself using various kits.

GW: New Pre-Orders March 24th “Necrons Arrive”

The Necrons have awakened from the Great Sleep – Here comes the March of the Metal-Men!

Codex Necrons Rules Deep Dive

Come see what relics, stratagems, and warlord traits are entombed within Codex: Necrons.

PP: Black Ogrun Iron Mongers, Bloodtongue, and No Quarter Prime

The Black Ogrun Iron Mongers will keep your Warjacks running long after they should be dead.


40K: Wrath and Glory Roundup

Ross Watson stopped by the folks at the D6 Generation for a chat about Wrath and Glory, the upcoming 40K RPG.

~Onto the new week – Drukhari HO!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Codex Necrons Rules Deep Dive