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Wyrd: The Backdraft Encounter Box is Getting Hot

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Mar 30 2018
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Wyrd has previewed parts of the box already –  the Whiskey Gamin, Popcorn Turner and Cooper Jones, and Joshua Fitzsimmons. The latest preview brings more fire to the field, quite literally.

via Wyrd:

The Fire Golem is a powerful enforcer that utilizes the Burning Condition in a number of new ways. In addition to lighting enemies on fire with its Flaming Fist and Flame Tornado attacks, it possesses the Flame Nova Action, which lets it discard a card to give all models within 3″ and LoS (including itself) the Burning Condition. This isn’t the only way the Fire Golem can light its own fire; it has the Kindling trigger on its Flaming Fists that increase its Burning, as well as the amazing Draw Off Flame action, which lets it teleport into base contact with a Burning model within 10″ and absorb all of its flames.


As one might expect, the Fire Golem isn’t really hindered by being on fire. It’s immune to any sort of damage from the Burning Condition, and when it suffers damage, it can lower its Burning Condition to reduce the amount of damage it suffers by an equal amount. In order to make this ability more effect, the Fire Golem doesn’t end its Burning Condition at the end of the turn… and neither does anyone unfortunate enough to be in base contact with it.

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Author: Mars Garrett
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