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GW: Adeptus Titanicus Making An Appearance At Warhammer Fest

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May 9 2018

Warhammer Fest is happening this weekend and Adeptus Titanicus is on the schedule. Are you ready for some massive robot wars?!

We’ve been excited about Adeptus Titanicus ever since we saw the first Tiny Warlord many moons ago:

Then we got a huge preview back in February of 2017.


And now it’s popping up on the radar again after going quite for over a year. And this time, it’s getting a slot at Warhammer Fest:

via Warhammer Fest 2018 Schedule


Here at BoLS, we’re been excited about this prospect for a long time. The idea of getting to throw down with multiple Titans in a smaller scale is pretty enticing.

Bring on the Reavers, Warlords, and packs of Knights – We want Adeptus Titanicus!



Anyone else ready for these miniature giant space robots to show up and throw down on the tabletop?!

Author: Adam Harrison
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