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FFG: Arkham Horror The Card Game Invocation 2018

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Sep 25 2018

Fantasy Flight Games is getting ready to launch the 2018 Invocation event for Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Are you brave enough to travel to Cairo and face the madness that awaits you?

Every year Fantasy Flight Games runs the Invocation Event for Arkham Horror. This is typically a special event where you can get exclusive cards, scenarios and even a playmat for the year. I got to attend one at our local store and got some sweet swag for doing so. This year it looks like it’s going to be more of the same!

via Fantasy Flight Games

Featuring The Eternal Slumber, the special standalone scenario that debuted at Gen Con Indy 2018, the 2018 Invocation challenges you to succeed where so many before you have already failed. For your efforts, you’ll receive a copy of the scenario, a stylish set of card dividers, and a 2018 Invocation playmat. Will these be enough to safeguard you from the forces behind the events in Cairo? Will they help you solve this terrible mystery? Only time—and your participation—will tell.

I was at Gen Con 2018 and tickets to the Arkham Horror: TCG Event went pretty quick. So getting my hands on the deck was next to impossible – I even had friends who were on the wait list to get into the event in case there were no-shows! Anyhow, now players all over will have their chance at taking a swipe at the special scenario during Invocation 2018!

One of the cool things about the event at Gen Con was that the success or failure of the players there would directly impact the next part of the scenario which will be played out at Arkham Nights in October. And, to be honest, things aren’t looking good for the investigators. Here’s a pie chart that shows how “well” the Gen Con players managed to do:

Yeah…the majority of players had to resign or were defeated. But hey, that’s Arkham Horror for you! In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for investigators to get taken by the abyss either. FFG had a graph for that, too:


This Graph is a little hard to interpret but the results are… foreboding.

Whoops. Ah well, that’s part of the fun of playing Arkham Horror – you win some, you lose some, and sometimes you get sucked into the abyss to be tormented by an Elder God for eternity!

If you want to participate in Invocation 2018, then head over to FFG’s site and find your FLGS. It looks like there are participating stores all over US, UK, and Germany! Keep in mind that’s just a list of registered store hosting the event – you’re best bet is to contact them directly and ask when they are hosting the event. And if they have a sign-up sheet, you might want to get registered quick!


And if you’re wanting to make an impact on the events moving forward, you can always get your tickets to the Arkham Nights 2018 event and play the second chapter of this adventure!



Time to make some phone calls and rally my crew…we’re heading to Cairo!

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