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Sisters Rules, Black Fortress, New Slaanesh, Moon Clan Gobbos, Vigilus & The Emperor Arrives

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Nov 5 2018

GW latest release seminar  spilled a LOT of the beans. Get in here for all the breaking news on 40K, Age of Sigmar & more!

40K BREAKING: Chapter Approved 2018 Reveals From Blood And Glory

Hot off the internet–we’ve got a look at what GW Revealed about the upcoming Chapter Approved at the Blood and Glory mere minutes ago. Sisters of Battle are getting their Beta Coex here, come check it out.

AoS BREAKING: Blood And Glory Reveals – Khorne, Slaanesh, And Gobbos

Hey folks, we’re bringing you all the latest news from the Blood and Glory event–come see what’s next for the Age of Sigmar! Some exciting stuff awaits, with a look at the new Khorne and Slaanesh models, as well as a glimpse of the next Battletome.

BREAKING: House Delaque Joins Necromunda & Nightvault Adds Godsworn Hunt

It’s the studio preview that keeps on giving! Check out these fantastic new minis and books for GW’s skirmish games.

Pimpcron: Take The 40K WAAC/Fluff Test

Where do you fit in this scale? The ultimate truth can be yours!

Star Wars Legion: The Emperor Comes To The Tabletop

Star Wars: Legion fans – get ready for a very important guest. The Emperor is coming. I hope you’re prepared.

Necromunda: Most Improved Model Sculpts – You Decide

Now that House Delaque’s models have been revealed, we have to ask – which house’s new models are the most improved? Let’s chat.

40K: Something Big Is Coming To Vigilus

GW has a mysterious new teaser showing just how bad things are getting on Vigilus. Reinfircements are coming, for better or worse.

40K: Space Marine Heroes Coming Soon

Space Marine Heroes will be out for worldwide release next week–the rumors have been confirmed and soon the Japan-exclusive Marines will be coming to a store near you.


40K: Step Inside The Blackstone Fortress – Pre-Order Next Week

Precipice beckons. The Blackstone Fortress awaits those brave enough to venture inside. Take a look at everything that awaits, all the characters, all the new minis. Everything.

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