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Star Wars Armada: Seperatist Ships We Want

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Nov 02

With FFGs Star Wars games heading to the Clone Wars Era, we wanted to take a look at the CIS ships we expect to see in ARMADA.

Though we obviously don’t have any firm dates, it does seem like Clone Wars ships are coming to Armada sooner rather than later. (In fact a large Clone Wars roll out could be partly why we’ve gotten so few Armada releases recently). What that in mind, I’ve been asking myself what we can expect from for the CIS faction. Here are a few ships I think we need.


The Providence-class, variously called a carrier, destroyer or dreadnought, is an iconic CIS ship, and one of their mainline battleships. The Providence-class is more or less the CIS counterpart the the Republics Venator, able to go toe to toe with the powerful Republic ship. Though it carriers less fighters than its Star Destroyer counterpart its does carrier a little more firepower. In particular its known for having a large amount of torpedo tubes. In game turns we could expect something like a cross between an ISD I and an MC 75. Of course the most famous Providence-Class is Grevious’ Invisible Hand, and I’d expect to see both in Armada.

Munificent-class star frigate

Also known as Banking Clan Frigate, the Munifcent-class was another common CIS ship. Lighter than the Providence-class it served a more long range support role. It is primarily armed with turbolasers, and surprisingly for a ship of its size, doesn’t normally carry fighters. It can be configured to carry a few, but it is not primarily a carrier. It’s a close counterpart to the Republic Acclimator, and one of its main jobs is as a transport ship, it can carry around 150,000 battle droids. They are often shown to be pretty fragile, so don’t expect this ship to be a tank.

Recusant-class light destroyer

Another common, but less popular, CIS battleship is the Recusant-class light destroyer. Similar in role to the Munificent, the ship is primarily a turbolaser platform with some troop carrier capacity. They are normally portrayed as being a tough ship, with heavy outer armor and more able to take a few hits than the Banking Clan Frigate. Though thin, don’t mistake these ships as small, at roughly 1200 meters long they are the same length as a Home One class MC80. A larger version also exists that is twice the length. I’d play these as fast, tough, ships that spew red dice.

Vulture Droids

If there is one star fighter that comes to mind when talking about the CIS it is the Vulture Droid. This basic droid fighter comes in several variants, some more deadly than others. Equipped with both blaster cannons and energy torpedoes they are more heavily armed than many other fighters of the period. Their poor droid brains however can rarely keep up with flesh and blood pilots. The main advantage the of the Vulture Droids is the numbers they can be fielded in. Expect to see a cheap squadron here.

Lucrehulk-class battleship


Speaking of Vulture Droids, they are going to need a way to get to the battlefield, enter the Lucrehulk, the ultimate carrier.  The largest and most powerful of the CIS’ mainline battleships, Lucrehulks could carry more than 1500 droid fighters, a truly massive amount, making them the most powerful mass production carrier of the war. While the Pre-Clone Wars ships, as seen at the Battle of Naboo, were lightly armed, during the war the ships got a massive upgrade in weapons and defenses. I’d expect this to be the high hulled, non-epic size ship, of the game, with the largest squadron rating. These guys are not going to be a joke.

Let us know what CIS ships you’d like to see, down in the comments! 

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