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George Takei Presents: Cosplay History

Feb 7 2019

George Takei has long been a paragon of knowledge and information in the Geek world. Today we’re going to take a look at Cosplay through his eyes, stepping back into history to the roots of the modern movement.

Cosplay is a wonderful world that is constantly evolving and innovating. It grabs hold of each generation of media and source material, shaping the world we see into something magical and fantastical.

George Takei Presents

Where did Cosplay begin? Who started it? Lets take a look at a thread that helped develop in to the modern cosplay movement!

The Next Generation of Cosplay

Cosplay has grown in leaps and bounds since its beginning. Now, Cosplay is a huge industry and field of art, spanning costume designers, armor makers, body painters, makeup artist, wig makers, prop makers, and much, much more.

What are your favorite Cosplays? Who are your favorite Cosplay artists? What direction would you like to see the Cosplay industry take in the future? Send us your ideas!

~Join us next week for more Cosplay! Coverage~


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