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40K Deep Thought – Where Will the Slaanesh Rules Be?

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Apr 23 2019

Slaanesh is looking crazy rules-wise, but it’s unclear exactly when and where the 40K community will get the new rules.

Just today we started to get our first glimpse of the new upcoming Slaanesh rules. 

Slaanesh looks AMAZING – heck one of the new characters can get over 50 attacks BY HIMSELF* if he’s lucky!

Utterly NUTS!

On the Age of Sigmar side of things, all is well. Hedonites of Slaanesh is on the way and will be in his followers’ deviant hands soon.

What About the Grimdark

But on the 40K side of things it’s murky.

GW themselves said that the datasheets are coming in the kit’s assembly instructions… but there’s a problem with that.  No points. We have also seen the assembly instruction datasheets in the past be cut-down limited versions of the full codex rules. Certainly they don’t contain, relics, and optional equipment.  So what’s up?


Either GW will have to put out a Slaanesh “mini-dex” right away with full points, rules, Relics, Strategems, Psychic Powers and everything else. They could just drop this as a PDF, or in White Dwarf.  But the next White Dwarf has already been spotted and has Ynnari this month. Hmmm…

New Codex Time?

What we REALLY REALLY need is an updated Codex Chaos Daemons. This would let them include all the new Slaanesh stuff, as well as update the Khorne models that got altered in Wrath and Rapture. They can just update the stats, pictures of the new minis, and slap one of those “II” logos on the cover like they did with the CSM codex.  Like in days past when the other Greater Daemons got redone in “embiggened” plastic, all you old-timers with the now teensy metal Keeper of Secrets can use them as Daemon Princes of Slaanesh.

I feel so inadequate…

I have a funny feeling with the non-stop machine gun fire of new AoS Battletomes (6 books in 5 months), that GW may have a new Codex Chaos Daemons just around the corner, ready to drop one of these weeks.  Because things will get even messier and harder to keep track of with Slaanesh and Chaos Daemons if they don’t.

~ Where do you think the new 40K rules will appear? GW can’t wait too long on this one…

*Editors Note: 8 + 8(D3) = 32 Max. Chaos Daemon Psykers can cast Hysterical Frenzy on friendly Slaanesh Daemons which allows them to attack again. Assuming this Daemon Prince/Herald combo is also a Psyker, and has access to the current Slaanesh Daemon Psychic Powers, then it can cast it on itself. Assuming it’s attacking with the Whip, that’s a possible 24 more hits for a total of 56 total hits.


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