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Warhammer 40k LARP: Astra Militarum in Russia’s Left 2 Die

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Nov 7 2019
Earlier this year we discovered the world of Russian Warhammer Fantasy LARP-one of the largest groups of costumed gamers in the world. Today travel back to Russia for another group of gamers who have donned the mantle of the Astra Militarum.

Last week we began to explore the Left2Die LARP campaign, Hit & Run. This group of phenomenal gamers from Russia and the surrounding regions band together to tell sprawling narrative storylines inspired by the lore of Warhammer 40k. Their costumes- meticulously crafted for accuracy and realism, breathe new life into the story lines we read in books and play on our tables. And much to our joy, they bring photographers (and sometimes videographers) along to capture the experience. You can check out some behind the scenes images of the creation process HERE.

Warhammer LARP
LARP, by definition, is an interactive role-play style game system, where players choose to portray characters through physical action, rather than through words or character sheet development. You can see one of the largest displays of costuming and roleplay in the world, featured in a previous article HERE. This week we’re featuring images from the most recent campaign, centered around a small contingent of Astra Militarum guardsmen on an outpost on a dead planet.


“Abandoned nameless planet of Agripinaa sector. Transshipment point for the troops of Astra Militarum, where even technical personnel flies when necessary.

Now it’s crowded. A platoon of Kadian Assault Troops awaits departure for their homeland, Cadia collects his sons. Rumor has it, the Eye of Terror is restless and the forces of Chaos are preparing a new attack. Not so long ago a detachment of recruits from Valhalla was thrown here, only from the training unit. They are in high spirits, they are ready to carry the Emperor’s wrath to his enemies. These fighters do not yet know what will happen to them next, they only have to face the horrors of the war of the 41st millennium. There are also some of the last surviving soldiers from the regiments of the Mordian Iron Guard and the Krieg Death Corps. They, exhausted, await their reassignment. But the Munitorum will not decide what to do with these people.

Everything goes on as usual: people arrive, people depart. But experienced say that it reminds them of the calm before the storm …LARP Home Page


“The soldiers were compromised of 11 Valhallan Ice Warriors fresh out of the boot camp on their way for their first combat deployment, 9 Cadian shocktroooper veterans just back from fighting an uprising and on their way back home to stand with Cadia, an Adeptus ministorum priest with them, 3 Deathkorps Kriegsmen, a Mordian colonel, a comissar and a sanctioned psyker.”



“The base personel was made up of an Adeptus Administratum scribe, an Astropath, a local priest, 2 sisters hospitalier and 3 Adeptus Mechanicus priests.”


“On the surface all of them were here awaiting redeployment but this is Warhammer and there is only war. So, naturally, their fate was of the grim nature.”



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