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Warhammer The Old World – Secrets Hidden in Plain Sight

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Nov 21 2019

That Warhammer The Old World announcement contained more that met the eye. Come help us solve a delicious mystery from GW.

Last week everyone was CRAZY excited about the announcement that The Old World was returning… in some form… years in the future.

People lost their minds, Marco (whose watch is now ended) returned to the comments and was celebrated. In general a good time was had by all.

In all the hubbub, folks mostly glossed over that new sexy logo GW trotted out, but with a week under our belts it was time to take a closer look.  Lo and behold…

More Than Meets the Eye

Here is the large, registered trademarked logo for the new system:

At first people just thought… ohh cool, it’s the revised logo. Then they noticed... hey those are armies back there!  

Break Out the Magnifying Glass

Then the sleuthing began. It was clear that GW has put in all kinds of little easter eggs in the logo. Some are obvious, while others are open to interpretation. That’s where you all come in.  Take a look at this image:



Red Text – Things we could identify that are symbols of obvious units from various armies.

Green Text – Notable features we can’t identify.

In particular:

  • 1 (seems distinctive for a standard)
  • 9 (weird floaty things)
  • 10 (big with wings)
  • 12 (large humanoid shaped)


It’s Warhammer Fantasy sleuthing time.


So grab a magnifying glass, break out your best “Blade Runner” ENHANCE tools and get cracking. What do you see in those 12 numbered green items? Throw your best guesses in the comments.

~Do you think GW is dropping these little teases in for a reason, or is it all random?


Author: Larry Vela
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