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Warhammer 40K: Bandai & GW Back With More Primaris Space Marines

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Aug 31 2020

Games Workshop has some good news for all you Space Marine Fans – Bandai is back with another wave of Primaris Space Marines!

Last Year Games Workshop and Bandai teamed-up to bring us all some pretty cool new Primaris Space Marine premium action figures. They sold out fast. Well now they are teaming-up once again to bring us some NEW Primaris Action Figures and they are repping some new chapters this time around.

via Warhammer Community

“The Ultramarines Intercessor action figure was incredibly popular and sold out quickly, and since then, Bandai have been hard at work on new designs so that Space Marines fans everywhere can get their very own articulated Angels of Death. Allow us to introduce Imperial Fists and Salamanders Intercessors.”

Imperial Fists

“The Imperial Fists action figure represents a Primaris battle-brother from the sixth squad of the Chapter’s Third Company. He is armed with an auto bolt rifle that’s fitted with an auxiliary grenade launcher, and he also comes with a combat knife. He has three choices of hand for each arm, allowing you to pose him in a wide variety of ways as he defends the walls of Terra (or, you know, your bookcases).”




“His cousin from the Salamanders is armed with an ornate bolt rifle inspired by a design in Codex Supplement: Salamanders. His markings show that he belongs to the second squad of Second Company, and like the Imperial Fists figure, he comes with a combat knife and a variety of hands to hold the weapons in.”

Alright, I’ve got to admit these are pretty freakin’ cool. They come in at 8″ tall with 53 points of articulation. That’s kind of nuts. So how do you score one of these fantastic new Primaris action figures? Mark your calendars for Saturday September the 12th! And this time around, they aren’t going to sell out…

“They’ll be available to order for one week and delivered into your eager hands next year after being made to order by Bandai. Don’t worry about us selling out – everyone who orders a figure will get one. “

That’s good news for anyone who missed out last time. They had a limited run of 9000 Primaris Marines but for this new batch, it seems like they are planning for the orders to be…over 9000.


Now you can order a squad and not feel guilty about it!

Author: Adam Harrison
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