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Space Marine Toys, Lumineth Releases, D&D Beta Rules & Waterdeep

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Sep 6 2020

We’ve got everything from 40K, and Age of Sigmar’s upcoming releases, to a tour of Waterdeep, and ENWorld’s “Advanded 5E” playtest. Plus Pimpcron and Plastic Dudesmen!

Pimpcron: My 10th Edition Wishlist

Pimpcron is over 9th – Might as well start wishing.

Plastic Dudesmen #23 – MEME’s GO FASTA!

Sometimes the heart makes you have to draw something.

D&D: Check Out The First Playtest Document For Advanced 5th Edition

The first playtest document for Level Up, the “Advanced 5th Edition” ruleset being developed by EN world is here. Take a look at advanced rules for Origins.

D&D: An Adventurer’s Guide To Waterdeep

Today we visit the City of Splendors, the Jewel of Faerun, a sprawling fantasy metropolis where the average character level is 12…

GW Pre-Orders: Pricing & Links – Lumineth Realm-lords Weekend

The Lumineth Realm-lords are getting reinforcements this weekend! Pre-order are now available.

Geekery: Explore Thra Though Beautiful New Art in ‘The Dark Crystal Bestiary’

Meet fauna from all corners of Thra in this gorgeous new art book with lore and hundreds of full color illustrations.

Warhammer 40K: Five Awesome 40K Fan-Made Films

The 41st milennium might be grim and dark to its inhabitants, but to people living here and now, it’s pretty inspiring, as these films show.

Warhammer Next Week: BanDai Marines, Lumineth Heavies, And More

Next week is all about heavy hitters, whether beefy Lumineth Realm Lords, or big bright BanDai battle brothers, take a look at what’s coming.


D&D: Common Magic Items, Uncommonly Good Powers

What do you hand your players when a +1 sword just won’t cut it anymore? These Common Magic Items will liven up any loot table.

  • Plastic Dudesmen #23 - MEME's GO FASTA!