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Marvel Cosplay: Wandavision’s Scarlet Witch

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Jan 15

The time is now! Your favorite visionary couple is hitting the small screen in the newest Disney+ offering from Marvel, and we’re here to spread the hype for everything cosplay Scarlet Witch.

Wanda Maximoff is an incredibly powerful character in the Marvel comics, with a wide array of gripping (and dimension altering) story arcs.┬áThe Marvel Cinematic Universe has been ramping up over the last few years, and 2021 is going to see a TON of new content hit platforms like Netflix and Disney+. This week Wandavision drops on Disney+, so we’re setting the tone with the best of Scarlet Witch cosplay.


Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda Maximoff on the Big Screen. Wanda’s story is taking its next steps on the upcoming show Wandavision, which we have been looking forward to for a LONG time. We have many fascinating theories on where this story will take us, but lets take a look through the various costumes and Cosplays first!

YaYa Han

Famous cosplay celebrity Yaya Han has been setting the standard for flashy characters for ages. With her own cosplay fabric line at Joann’s, she is helping to make cosplay materials accessible to the masses and elevating Cosplay in general. It’s no surprise she would cosplay such a dynamic character. She has created more than one iteration of Wanda, including both a glam and a classic comic version.

Image Source: Bleeding Cool


Image Source: Geeks are Sexy

Aoshe Ame

This cosplayer has a gorgeous and diverse array of characters under their belt, from the Anthy of Utena to Mobei, to Medicine Seller. In this collaboration with Dorian, they truly bring the epic and dangerous nature of Wanda Maximoff to life. With gorgeous lighting and beautiful attention to color and detail, this image could be the cover of a graphic novel or a movie poster.


In another collaboration with Dorian, this cosplayer brings to life the modern version of Scarlet Witch, in a mixed media final image that is gorgeous and vivid, showing the youth and dynamic range of the character.



The Anonymous Scarlet Witch

Back in 2012 at MegaCon, a cosplayer nobody had seen or heard of rocked the Con floor with her cosplay Scarlet Witch. Nobody knew who she was, and according to those on site she preferred to remain anonymous. But you can see in this Heavy Metal article that the Photographers were all drawn to her. (And for good reason!) Her classic comic version of Wanda has taken a gorgeously textured and glamorous turn here.



This last cosplayer has a beautifully constructed bodice and gloves on her cosplay, and has a punchy image to show for it.



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