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3 New ‘Mandalorian’ Lego Sets On the Way This Summer

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Jun 29 2021

Three new Mandalorian Lego vehicle sets are coming this summer with some brand new minifigs.

Some of the sets leaked via a Japanese catalog will be available on August 1st along with the Bad Batch Attack Shuttle. Three iconic ships from The Mandalorian – Moff Gideon’s Light Imperial Cruiser, Boba Fett’s newly renamed Starship, and the 906 Armored Marauder from ‘Chapter 12: The Siege’

75311 Imperial Armored Marauder – $39.99

  • 478 pieces
  • 8 cm (3 in.) high, 19 cm (7.5 in.) long and 10 cm (4 in.) wide
  • Minifigures: Greef Karga with a blaster pistol, 2 Stormtroopers with blasters, and a new-for-August-2021 Artillery Stormtrooper with a mortar gun and backpack accessory element.
  • The buildable Marauder model has 4 stud shooters, including 2 on the rotating rear turret, 2 foldout blaster cannons (non-shooting), a minifigure cockpit, and a cabin for 2 LEGO minifigures.
  • This LEGO® Star Wars™ vehicle also has a lookout point (with an opening hatch) for a minifigure, plus opening ammo compartments.


75312 Boba Fett’s Starship$49.99

  • 593 Pieces
  • 8 cm (3.5 in.) high, 20 cm (8 in.) long and 20 cm (8 in.) wide
  • Minifigures: Boba Fett with a blaster and The Mandalorian with his blaster rifle and a beskar spear, plus a Carbonite brick to add to the creative play possibilities.
  • The starship has a handle for easy flying, an opening LEGO minifigure cockpit, rotating wings, 2 stud shooters, 2 rotating dual blaster cannons (non-shooting), and a compartment for a Carbonite brick.
  • Also includes a transporter vehicle to move the starship on the ground in play scenarios; this also makes a great display stand for builders to show off their creation in an upright flight position.

75315 Imperial Light Cruiser$159.99

  • 1,336 Pieces
  • 13 cm (5 in.) high, 58 cm (22.5 in.) long and 22 cm (8.5 in.) wide
  • Minifigures: The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, Fennec Shand, Moff Gideon, and a new-for-August-2021 Dark Trooper, plus a LEGO figure of the Child (Grogu), affectionately known as Baby Yoda.
  • The starship features a bridge that doubles as a handle for flying, 2 rotating turrets with spring-loaded shooters, 2 mini TIE Fighters, and a launcher, plus a hatch to access the cabin.
  • Cool weapons and accessory elements include The Mandalorian’s Amban phase-pulse blaster and spear, Moff Gideon’s darksaber, 2 thermal detonators, and electrobinoculars.

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