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Star Wars: Five Bounty Hunters You Should Know

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Jun 24 2021

Whether they’re working for the Empire, the New Republic, or the First Order, the galaxy is full of bounty hunters and their next mark.

Boba Fett’s getting his own show on Disney+, Lama Su is calling in all of the best bounty hunters to find Omega on The Bad Batch, and Ming-Na Wen may be more well known for per portrayal as Fennec Shand¬†than a literal member of the official Disney Princess lineup. The galaxy’s bounty hunters are having a moment, and we don’t see any reason that that would (or should) slow down any time soon, so let’s take a look at five more of Star Wars’ Bounty Hunters that you’ll want to recognize if and when they show back up.


Dengar is one of those characters you’ll notice a few times throughout the original trilogy. He was one of the bounty hunters hired by Darth Vader to capture Han Solo and is later seen in Jabba’s palace when Han is rescued. But Dengar has a more interesting history than playing second fiddle to Boba Fett and witnessing Han’s greatest hits. During the Clone Wars he joined Krayt’s Claw with Boba Fett, Bossk, and Asajj Ventress on Quarzite and took on Darth Maul, and after the fall of the empire he kept on hunting those bounties until at least the Battle of Jakku.




Another bounty hunter with longevity, Embo was a member of Sugi’s crew during the Clone Wars and briefly worked with Obi-Wan, Anikan, and Ahsoka to protect a farmer on Felucia from pirates. Like just about every bounty hunter of repute in the galaxy, he was hired by the Hutts, nearly claimed a bounty on Lando Calrissian, and eventually accepted funding from the New Republic. Eventually he retired to Felucia to enjoy a quiet life of farming for himself. Sometimes retiring is possible in Star Wars.




Bossk’wassak’Cradossk, or Bossk to his friends, worked with Aurra Sing and Castas during the Clone Wars as well as mentored a young Boba Fett. You’ll remember him appearing in many of the same places as Boba Fett and Dengar throughout the original trilogy, but he’s had a colorful series of adventures all of his own such as forming an unlikely alliance with Ezra Bridger in Star Wars: Rebels.


Zam Wesell

Most bounty hunters we would be unsurprised to see make an appearance in future Star Wars titles, but Zam we will likely never see again. Because she was killed by former partner Jango Fett after a too-close-for-comfort attempt on the senator’s life. Still, Zam was an interesting character who deserves more recognition despite not making it as long as some of her coworkers. A Clawdite, she was able to alter her appearance significantly at will and was able to get as close to Padme as she did by taking on the form of a human woman. Why aren’t there more shape shifting bounty hunters?


Bazine Netal

Bazine is an informer for the First Order who was raised in an orphanage, trained by a pirate, and after becoming a bounty hunter killed her own mentor. She is known as “the perfect weapon” and keeps back up thermal detonaters in the hollow wedges of her shoes. If the fact that Bazine only got moments of screen time in the sequel trilogy isn’t proof that they had no idea how to utilize incredible character concepts, I don’t know what is. Luckily, she shows up in a few books and comics so you can see for yourself how great she is.



Which bounty hunters would you like to see make an appearance in future Star Was shows? Who is your favorite galactic bounty hunter? Is bounty hunting a job you would take in Star Wars or would you opt for something safer? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers! 

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