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Star Wars ‘The Bad Batch’ Episode Nine Easter Eggs

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Jun 28 2021

We’re seeing questions answered and visiting planets that feel sort of close to home this week in Episode Nine of The Bad Batch.

Jango Fett and Alpha

This wasn’t one of the most surprising reveals of the season, but it was nice to see it finally addressed in the open – Omega is indeed a clone of Jango Fett. Or more specifically, she is one of two direct clones of Jango Fett, making Boba the Alpha to her Omega. The Kaminoans want her back because her DNA is as pure and close to the original source material as they are ever going to get and without her their hopes of continuing a robust clone program capable of competing with the empire’s newly conscripted Storm Troops are all but gone. This information mixed with the fact that “more bounty hunters” are surely coming for Omega could mean an appearance from her older-twin- sorta brother, Boba.


Omega’s Location Reminds Her of Tipoca City and Us of Bespin

Cad Bane takes Omega to some sort of abandoned building on Bora Vio in order to hand her off to the Kaminoans and collect his bounty. Omega, and likely the Bad Batch, don’t know much about this planet, but we know that it once hosted a Kaminoan facility which is now seemingly abandoned. Omega seems to figure out that this is somehow related to home when she notices that the control panels are very similar to the ones in Tipoca City, a place that she is familiar with. This also means that the tubes full of creepy looking creatures are likely long abandoned and discarded experiments left behind by the Kamonians. Seemingly, they don’t think enough of their failures to even discard of them properly.

That said the cloudy nature of the Bora Vio may have reminded us, the viewers, of a certain Cloud City. Omega’s escape down the hanging ladder was reminiscent of Luke’s fall into the clouds in Empire Strikes Back and for a moment I thought Clone Force 99 was going to rescue her directly from the latter as a nod to Luke’s rescue. Instead Omega had a few more tricks up her sleeve, and that turned out to be infinitely more satisfying, I think.


Cad Bane Has An Extra Hard Head


We’ve seen some concept art showing Cad Bane’s metal head plate, and been left to speculate how he could have survived what should have been a fatal shot from Boba Fett in the discarded Clone Wars Season Seven show down, but we finally saw his extra hard head hardware in action this week. On top of making him a little harder to kill, it also makes him extra good at headbutting. Like, for example, Fennec, who was taken off of her feet for a moment despite her helmet after a hit from Cad Bane’s reinforced noggin.


Lama Su Seems To Be Onto Nala Se… And He’s Right

Towards the beginning of the episode Lama Su told Nala Se she wasn’t to retrieve Omega and sent Tuan We to Bora Vio for him. And it’s evident here that he may not trust Nala Se implicitly or suspect that something is going on with her. It turns out, his suspicions would be right on the credits as we learn at the end of episode nine that Nala Se has hired Fennec to out bounty hunt the other bounty hunters and make sure Omega stays safely with The Bad Batch and far away from Kamino. It’s not completely clear why she is so invested in protecting Omega, but my money is on good old fashioned fondness for the young clone.


Did you notice anything in Episode Nine that we missed? What was your favorite moment from the episode? Who do you think the Batch will run into next? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventurers!


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