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‘Hawkeye’ Trailer Delivers Track Suits, a Lucky Dog, and Tons of Holiday Fun

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Sep 15 2021

There’s a lot we can learn from the first Hawkeye trailer – let’s dive in!

The new Hawkeye series premieres on Disney+ this November 24th, just in time for the holidays! The series will introduce us to the next-generation archer, Kate Bishop, and will be inspired but one of the most iconic superhero comic books of the last decade. The trailer features plenty of callbacks to the book, which hold some promises for the MCU’s upcoming holiday romp.

The Hawkeyes on ice, courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

Who is Kate Bishop?

In the comics, Kate Bishop is a wealthy daughter of the Manhattan upper-class. Her family’s wealth results in her being kidnapped, and when she’s rescued by the Avengers, she’s impressed by Hawkeye and his ability with the bow. She admires the hero and is inspired to learn not only archery but fencing and martial arts.

In the trailer, we see Kate donning Hawkeye’s Ronin outfit– the costume he wore while doing some ultra-violence in Endgame. Later in the trailer, we see her sporting her signature purple suit and working alongside the hero in a car chase scene straight from the comic panels.

Hawkguy by Matt Fraction & David Aja

The perfectly purple art of David Aja, courtesy of Marvel Comics

In 2012, Marvel relaunched many of their popular titles, including a new Hawkeye #1. The series focused on his everyday life outside of his Avengers exploits, emphasizing just how much he gets his non-super butt kicked, and how is life is in disarray.

He’s joined by Kate Bishop, also a Hawkeye, and his loyal canine companion, Lucky. Together, these two fiercely independent heroes put the ‘fun’ in dysfunctional, bantering back and forth between fighting mobsters and villains.

Friends, Villains, and Lucky Dog

Sharing the screen with both Hawkeyes will be the pizza-loving Lucky. The dog originally belonged to the building owner, but when he’s hit by a car, Clint rescues him. With the multitude of comic book references during the trailer, we can’t help but wonder if we’ll get a full episode from Lucky’s perspective. Either way, the character’s casting is spot-on; that’s a certified cute doggo.

Lucky watches the humans in his own feature issue (left) and looks very spiffy in a holiday headband (right). Courtesy of Marvel Comics & Marvel Entertainment

Hawkeye also features one of the funniest entourages to grace a comic book panel in the mafia bros, who Clint dubs the Tracksuit Draculas. It looks like they’ll also be featured in the show, as they’re shown throwing a Molotov cocktail through one of the building’s windows. We also see an exploding arrow taking out a ‘Trust a Bro’ van and the high-speed car chase featured in the comic, too.

The tracksuit bros in the trailer (top left) and the comic (bottom left), courtesy of Marvel Entertainment

But the real star of the show has got to be the Steve Rogers musical.


Hawkeye could introduce Netflix’s Marvel Characters to the MCU

Actor Vincent D’Oforio has hinted that he will reprise his role as Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of New York’s criminal underground, in the upcoming Hawkeye series. If this is the case, it’s likely that the tracksuit Draculas will be at his command.

We also see Alaqua Cox flash briefly across the screen as Maya Lopez, who goes by the name Echo. In the comic, she’s Wilson Fisk’s adopted daughter. She’s also deaf, a trait she will likely share with Clint, and has served as a counterpart and ally of Matt Murdoch. The street-wise hero vibes of the Hawkeye show would be the perfect backdrop for an MCU introduction to Matt, Jessica, Luke, and more.

Another Brick on the Path to the Young Avengers

We’ve already met Young Loki in the Loki series, and he’s certainly got the gumption to jump dimensions. WandaVision introduced us to the young Wiccan (Billy) and Speed (Tommy), Wanda and Vision’s twin sons. In the comics, Kate Bishop, along with Loki, Billy, Tommy, and a few other heroes form the Young Avengers.

Marvel has confirmed that Dominique Thorne a.k.a. Ironheart will have her own series, continuing the Iron Man legacy for the next phase of the MCU. The character could serve as a replacement for Iron Lad, a member of the YA team. If the upcoming She-Hulk series introduces Hulkling and Ant-Man: The Quantum Realm passes a suit on to Cassie, all we need is Miss America Chavez and we’ve got the whole team.


Hawkeye may be a holiday feature, but the series can (and will) have a significant effect on the future of the MCU. November is right around the corner, and between this series and the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, Marvel promises to make it the most wonderful time of the year indeed.

What did you think of the Hawkeye trailer, bro?

Author: Danni Danger
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