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Star Wars: Where Each Episode of ‘Visions’ Fits On The Timeline

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Oct 1 2021

Let’s talk about how Visions fits into the Star Wars timeline.

Star Wars Visions is out and its amazing. This anthology collection of Star Wars done in anime style tells a ton of different, unconnected stories. One question a lot of people have had (along with, is it canon? For now lets say yes.) is just how and where the various episodes fit into the established timeline. Today lets take a look and see what we can find out.

Spoilers For Visions Below


1. The Dual 

The first episode of Visions is called the Dual. The episode never spells out the timeline, but there are some major clues. When bandits attack the village the local shopkeeper calls them “the last remnants of the war”. This implies the episode takes place after a war has ended. It also seems to suggest its a little while after the war ended, but still with in memory. The bandits wear a mismash of different armor, but you can see both Imperial and First Order Stormtrooper armor.

Given these clues its seems likely that the Dual takes place a few years after the Rise of Skywalker and this could make it the furthest along in the timeline story in Star Wars.

2. Tatooine Rhapsody

This is one episode that gives us some really solid clues as to when it take places. The episode starts during the Clone Wars, and the clones shown appear to be wearing Phase II helmets. This would likely put the start of the Episode towards the end of the Clone Wars, BBY 20 or BBY 19. When then get a time jump to the meat of the story. It’s not clear how long of a jump it is, but since both Jay and Boba Fett have clearly grown up form teenage there were during the Clone Wars, I’d guess it was around ten years.

The story clearly takes place during the rule of the Empire and likely around 9-ish BBY

3. The Twins 

Given the use of modified Imperial I Star Destroyers and what appear to be Imperial Stormtroopers we can guess that it takes place sometime after the rise of the Empire. The presence of a mass production B-Wing and a T-65 X-Wing, both ships that were designed late into the Imperial rule means this takes in at least 4 BBY and likely later. The fact that the Emperor is never mentioned, and the really odd assortment of vehicles, makes me think the following:


The Twins takes place after the Battle of Endor, but before the first Order has really taken over. Maybe around 8 ABY.

4.The Village Bride 

The Village Bride is full of references to the Clone Wars. From the abandoned battle droids, to mentions of Separatist Strip mining. Of course we know our Jedi heroine is on the run from the Empire as well. I would guess that this takes place within a year of the End of the Clone Wars, likely 19 or 18 BBY.

5. The 9th Jedi

This was is actually really vague about where it fits in the timeline.  The opening narration to the 9th Jedi says its been many generations since the light of the Jedi protected the galaxy, and there is now an age of war, with the making of lightsabers being forgotten. At first glance this seems to put it some time during the Imperial Era. However that doesn’t really fit, since the Imperial Era was only one generation. On top of that there isn’t any mention of the Empire, just the Sith.  That leaves two real options. This takes several generations after Rise of Skywalker, and Rey never worked to bring back the Jedi, leaving the galaxy to fall into constant war. However the more likely option is that this takes sometime in the distant past, maybe thousands of year. The Sith afterall were thought to have been wiped out for thousands or years. It would have to be time where the Sith were around the Jedi were nearly wiped out. There have been a few of these situations, though they aren’t really cannon anymore.

Likely this episode is set in the distant past, and the farthest, or 2nd furthest back episode in the lot.

6. T0-B1

T0-B1 is pretty firmly set in the Imperial Era, with Star Destroyers, Stormtroopers and Inquisitors. T0-B1’s room has a large mural on the wall. In the mural we can see references to both A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. If we take these as being representations of events they’ve heard of and not just Easter eggs or force visions, that gives us a solution.

This sets the episode firmly between Empire and Jedi.

7. The Elder 

The Elder clearly takes place during the Old Republic and prior to the Fall of the Jedi. However it also seems to take place not long before the Fall as we we have the very familiar set up of a Jedi and a Padawan. In addition we get told that the Sith were wiped out hundreds of years ago. We’ve also got some clues that the Outer Rim isn’t super well mapped.


All this points to The Elder being set during the height of the Republic.

8. Lop & OchŌ

This is another Episode take  clearly takes part during the rule of the Empire. It starts with the Empire coming to Tao. Mentions of how the Republic didn’t help them much make me think that it place early during the rise of the Empire. We then get a 7 year time jump, which still keeps us in the Imperial Era. This means that the start of the episode seems to fall between 19 BBY and 7 BYY, with the end being somewhere between 12BY and 1 ABY. Lack of mention of the Rebels or anything to do with them makes it feel like it takes place before the highest point  of the Rebellion.

9. Akakiri

Another episode with not a ton of hints. We know it takes place before the rise of the Empire and that’s mostly it. The only other big clue we have is the presence of a Sith. Unlike in the Elder the Jedi seem aware that the Sith are still around. This seems to place the episode several thousand years in the past before the Sith were wiped out.

One theory is that this episode pre-dates the 9th Jedi, and that the fallen Jedi and his Sith master form Akakiri are what wiped out the Jedi, leading to the events of the 9th Jedi.


Let us know if you have a better idea for were an episode fits, down in the comments! 

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