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Goatboy’s Warhammer 40K: Army Styles We Like to Play

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Nov 30 2021
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Goatboy here to talk about the big Warhammer 40K army styles players like to play.

I know I have a very specific game play style that I get joked with a few local friends – big bases all day.  I love to play big models.  The bigger the base the better chance I will want to figure out an army that can play it.  In fact it is probably the biggest driving factor in how I figure out the next mental break army I like to do while working on client work.  A big model with a chance to be converter or at least look unique will be how I plan out an army.

Chunky Bois

Here is  the next list of project armies I want to do when I can find more time.  An evil Chaos Knight Army with giant Eyeball’d Castellan is on the list as well as all Beast Snagga Orks.  Those are my current thought armies and I am sure something else will pop out as a giant big model  gets released and my convertor brain starts to work.  Now of course as a Painter/Convertor big weird armies are always interesting but it really hides the one thing I love about these armies.  They usually are designed to play simply, quickly, and ensure the least amount of staggering choices.

I’ve always tried to build lists that let me work out strategies on the tabletop and are a big reward/punishment style list.  If I lose my big monster it is going to be all the harder for me to win – but that gives me a quick answer to try and figure out.  It is one thing to dance on the razor’s edge of winning and losing throughout the game but with these style of lists I can usually quickly see the flow of the game and know the decisions I need to make to either keep ahead or know when I have to hail mary for a hopeful win.

All the Dakka

This of course isn’t how other players like to play.  I know a lot of players want to come with the biggest gun to the table top and crush you with powerful options that are the best for the time.  Or they are the best player using the tool at the time.  I am hampered by my love of big things to really always jump into that.  There is nothing wrong with these players/armies because that is how a game works.  I am sure someone made some money off of the models grabbed to complete the newest hot thing on the tabletop.  I like to win but if the chances for me to lose is really based on rolling bad because the army is too easy to play I am less happy throwing it on the tabletop.


You also have those players that like to play something weird that either works well or confuses players when they throw down against it.  I never felt that I had the desire to build an army that way as I am copy and pasting units to much to create redundancy.  But these players armies are always fun to play against as you usually find out something new or unique that kicks your teeth in a bit. I feel there are less of these armies right now as the game kinda of gets locked in to specific interactions and rules set up to make it hard to find that weird knife to cut the enemy down.  This isn’t something bad as usually it means will hopefully see less things that come out too good but you never know. It’s a tough army style to follow – especially in the highly lethal 9th Edition.


courtesy Games Workshop

2022 Is Almost Here

This next year is going to see a lot more events pop up as people get ready to throw down dice.  We also look to have a ton of codexes coming rather quickly with Custodes, GSC, and Tau hitting the table top most likely within the first month of 2022.  I am sure something weird is going to come out from that as each one is a very different kind of book with Custodes favoring movement, GSC favoring aggression, and Tau letting you not move out of your deployment zone without a bullet in your squad mates skull.  It also sounds like there will be more Xenos coming which again means we might get a whole new tough guy of the meta coming.


Let’s hope for some more fun next week as we get more tidbits and rumors about 40k coming.  I am hoping we see one of the new missions before long to get a better thought on how the Competitive scene is going to roll out for next year.  I know I am ready to see new missions that might shift the game more than a codex/supplement/White Dwarf article will bring.

How About You?

What do you like to play?  Do you collect a collection of an army and try to get something to work?  Do you jump around to keep surfing the meta wave?  Do you want to be that player bringing something weird that confuses everyone?

Have you found the perfect counter to everything?

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