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Games Workshop Advent Engine Day 7 – ‘Bring Out The Big Guns’

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Dec 7 2021
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The Advent Engine is back with another teaser from the future and this one is hinting at some serious firepower.

Alright Aeldari players, I hope you’re excited. But I’m getting ahead of myself. You should take a look at the latest Advent Engine and then we can talk.

via Warhammer Community

“Well, this is day seven of the Advent Engine and we’ve not guessed a single one yet. Surely someone out there is better at unravelling these ineffable puzzles. Well, here’s another one to sink your teeth into.”

Alright, so what are we looking at? Well, this is clearly a bigger gun and it’s of Aeldari design. It’s got the typical features we’d expect. The only difference is that this one has some curious canisters that could mean quite a few things. It’s also being held from the top similar to other heavy weapons of the Aeldari — like the Dark Reapers.


But those canisters are just…different. Could this be some sort of new Fire Dragon? They have strange canisters on their weapons, although they don’t look exactly the same, either.


I think we might be looking at a new type of weapon altogether. Perhaps a new weapon option for an existing unit? Which is great because that means an existing unit is getting a new kit! Alternatively, what if this isn’t for a Craftworld Aeldari unit but something else?

I mean, sure there is a lot of overlap but what if…

Anyhow this is where we turn it over to you Internet Detectives. If you’ve got theories we’d love to see them in the comments!


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Author: Adam Harrison
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