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‘Dragonlance’s Raistlin Cosplays are Masters of Past, Present, and Future

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Apr 20 2022

The conflicted mage with hourglass eyes is easily the most recognizable character from Dragonlance. We’re peering into the Dragon Orb for these Raistlin cosplays!

I am morally obligated to start this article with the acknowledgement that the Dragonlance Chronicles by Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman is my favorite book series of all time, and has been since 3rd grade. Of all the Heroes of the Lance, Raistlin Majere was immediately and irrevocably my favorite – the misanthrope with a hunger for power and a gigantic chip on his shoulder. This week I’m paying homage to my favorite Dragonlance character with this Raistlin cosplay feature!

Raistlin Cosplay by Anton Gorodetsky

The Master of Past, Present, and Future

Raistlin Majere was born in the village of Solace, a poor village boy constantly in the shadow of his outgoing, if dim witted, twin brother. He resented from an early age his physical weaknesses, and the ned of relying on his stronger brother, his protective sister, and the charity of those more fortunate than he. Raistlin grew with a thirst for power, a cunning and often cruel intelligence, and an inner tootsie roll softness for those who are unfortunate and bullied.

Raistlin Cosplay by RichardUnd82

The mage outgrew his meager beginnings, clawing his way to great power beyond his imagining. His story is one of power, of tragedy, and of immeasurable sacrifice. He meets the cleric of Paladine, Crysania, in the Legends trilogy, and embarks on a fateful trip through time that ultimately changes his whole outlook on life and the gods.

Raistlin Cosplay by Belegilgalad

There are two main cosplays for Raistlin – the beginning of his journey as a mage of Lunitari, a red robe, and inevitably his transition to Nuitari and the black robes. Black robed Raistlin has gotten more press in recent years because of the Russian musical version of the Legends tales, but it is the red robed Raistlin that is most iconic to fans of the Dragonlance Chronicles. Raistlin has unmistakable hourglass eyes, the staff of Majere topped in a dragon claw, and arcane scrollwork on his cuffs. He comes complete with an air of danger, and a sarcastic wit worthy of the best writers. This week, we’re celebrating all things Majere with this Raistlin cosplay feature!

Raistlin Cosplay by Liliya Mevs, Crysania Cosplay by Faid Eyren

Raistlin Cosplay by Anton Gorodetsky

Interesting.” Raistlin coughed the word. Tanis glanced at him sharply. “What is interesting?” “I’ve never heard you lie before, Half-Elf,” Raistlin said softly. ” I find it … quite … fascinating.

Fortunately, our friend Raistlin taught me what to watch – ” “Raistlin!” Flint puffed. “That pasty-faced, skinny magician. He’s more than half charlatan himself. Always sniveling and whining and poking his nose where it doesn’t belong. If it weren’t for his twin brother looking after him, someone would’ve put an end to his magic long ago.

Crysania Cosplay by Faelin

Raistlin opened his eyes, looking at her without recognition. And in them, she saw deep, undying sorrow
the look of one who has been permitted to enter a realm of deadly, perilous beauty, and who now finds himself, once more, cast down into the grey, rain-swept world.

“Cool wind soothed her. She could breathe sweet air. The only heat she felt was the warm, familiar heat from the mage’s body. Opening her eyes, she saw that she stood close to him. Raising her head, she gazed up into his face … and felt a swift, sharp ache in her heart.

Raistlin‘s thin face glistened with sweat, his eyes reflected the pure, white flame of the burning bodies, his breath came fast and shallow. He seemed lost, unaware of his surroundings. And there was a look of ecstasy on his face, a look of exultation, of triumph.

Raistlin Cosplay by RichardUnd82

“And my eyes! I see through hourglass pupils and therefore I see time-as it affects all things. Even as I look at you now, Tanis,” the mage whispered, “I see you dying, slowly, by inches. And so I see every living thing.”

“I understand,” Crysania said to herself, holding onto his hands. “I understand. This is why he cannot love me. He has only one love in this life and that is his magic. To this love he will give everything, for this love he will risk everything!

Raistlin Cosplay by Belegilgalad

“What do you see to the south?” Tanis asked abruptly.
Raistilin glanced at him. “What do I ever see with these eyes of mine Half-Elf?” the mage whispered bitterly. “I see death, death and destruction. I see war.” He gestured up above. “The constellations have not returned. The Queen of Darkness is not defeated.”
“We may have not won the war,” Tanis began, “but surely we have won a major battle

“…and someday, fat innkeepers will bow to me.

Raistlin Cosplay by Liliya Mevs, Crysania Cosplay by Faid-Eyren

“I have sinned enough against the world. Teaching magic to a kender would ensure my damnation.

You cannot hide from danger. Death floats on the air, creeps through the window, comes with the handshake of a stranger. If we stop living because we fear death, then we have already died.

“Rule the world,” Raistlin repeated softly, his eyes burning. “Rule the world? You still don’t undestand, do you, my dear sister? Let me make this as plain as I know how.” Now it was his turn to stand up. Pressing his thin hands upon the desk, he leaned towards her, like a snake.
“I don’t give damn about the world!” he said softly. “I could rule it tomorrow, if I wanted it! I don’t.

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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