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Marvel’s She-Hulk Cosplays are Ripped!

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May 27 2022

We’re hitting the benches to prepare for the newest Marvel show and the debut of Jennifer Walters. These She-Hulk cosplays do some heavy lifting!

The Hulk has been an instrumental part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning. Though there were a few false starts before they settled on Mark Ruffalo to carry the weight of the green giant (RIP Ed Norton, we stan you forever), there’s no denying that Marvel has definitely hit its stride. As we anticipate the release of the next Disney+ show, lets check out some rocking She-Hulk cosplays!

She-Hulk cosplay by Ginger Kutschbach

I absolutely love a cosplay that makes room for weight lefters and fitness nuts to take the stage. It takes an insane amount of energy and effort to turn your body into a carefully crafted work of art, and these folks do an amazing job of it. For this week’s cosplay feature, we’re paying tribute to some fitness cosplayers who blend Marvel characters with their pursuit of physical acumen. We hope you raise your hands for these She-Hulk cosplays!

She-Hulk cosplay by Harvi Monroe

She-Hulk Cosplay by Ginger Kutschbach

From now on, whatever Jennifer Walters can’t handle– the She-Hulk will do!

Dont call me “Jen”, Hulk — it upsets my concentration! I’ve got to be the savage She-Hulk now, to deal with this menace!”

She-Hulk Cosplay by Dallas K

” I just don’t care for men with fresh mouths.”

What’s the matter, Wasp? The creep‘s shown his true colors! The battle-lines are drawn!

This hard science stuff is beyond me.

She-Hulk Cosplay by Harvi Monroe

Speaking of people being restrained… what say you an’ me loosen it up just a tad, gorgeous?

Let me soothe your tortured brow! Oops ‘soothed’ a little too hard.

I’m six foot seven and bright green! People are gonna stare no matter how I dress!

That’s all I need! A guy with the I.Q. of a Mack Truck telling us “gals” to stay out of trouble!

Some anonymous bad guy is ready to spend three million bucks to find out how tough I am… And I know how these things work! It’ll be at least my third issue before I find out who it is! Although you readers will probably find out on the next page…

I don’t care how clean minded this town is supposed to be — nobody comes that close to incineration without getting mad enough to curse.

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