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We’re All Strange for These Dr. Strange Cosplays

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May 06

Who will reign as Cosplayer Supreme? These mystical cosplays are all we need to prepare for the Multiverse of Madness!

Dr. Strange has so far been my favorite of the Marvel movies. The unique blend of cultures, sarcasm, and mysticism is both visually stunning and intellectually stimulating. As we gear up for this week’s premier of Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, we’re doubling down on these powerful Dr. Strange Cosplays!

Dr. Strange cosplay by Ahhchew Cosplay

Dr. Strange is one of the most fascinating characters in the MCU, especially from a visual aesthetic. With his garb that calls back to a myriad of cultures and times, he has the look of someone who stands out of time itself- which is more apt than words can express. He is a time traveler and wise man, an intellectual and a warrior. There is no problem that Dr. Strange cannot solve with enough time and thought.

Dr. Strange cosplay by IronManLive of Super Heroes Live

Cosplaying the Sorcerer Supreme

For Dr. Strange cosplayers, Stephen Strange is an exciting challenge. His garments stray away from the usual superhero trope of skintight leather or spandex, and instead make use of a gorgeous variety of fabrics and textures. The resulting look is one that adds mystery and drama to every scene, which we all know is very indicative of the man himself.

Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange cosplay by The Cosplay Hobbyist and Dr. Weird Cosplay

Each cosplayer puts their own spin on his iconic look- whether they choose a bright, comic book red for the cape, or go with a darker burgundy. Whether they make an exact recreation of his kidney belts, or a fuller corset style situation… The options are endless, and the results as divers as the character himself. This week we have a wide array of amazing cosplayers for you to enjoy, all who have taken this amazing character and made him their own. We hope you enjoy these Dr. Strange Cosplays!

Dr. Strange cosplay by Riddle Cosplay, Image by EosAndy

Dr. Strange Cosplay by Jonathan Belle, Scarlet Witch Cosplay by Sam Syndulla

“Well, what’s this? My mantra?”

“There is no such thing as spirit. We are made of matter and nothing more. It’s just another tiny momentary speck within an indifferent universe.”

“Teach Me.”


”I’m gonna have to vanish now.”

Dr. Strange Cosplay by IronManLive of Super Heroes Live

“Thank you for the books and for the horrifying story and… for the threat upon my life.”

“I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy or the power of belief.”

Dr. Strange Cosplay by AhhChew Cosplay

”I’m breaking the laws of nature. I know.”

“This is the part where you leave.”

“Really just roll off the tongue, don’t they?”

Scarlet Witch and Dr. Strange Cosplay by The Cosplay Hobbyist & Dr. Weird Cosplay

“Well, after Western medicine failed me, I headed east, and I ended up in Kathmandu.”

“Do you ever laugh? Come on, just give me the book.

Dr. Strange Cosplay by Riddle Cosplay

“Pain’s an old friend.”

“We’ll be ready.”

“Don’t shut me out. I haven’t got anywhere else to go…”


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