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Warhammer 40K: Did These Plot Hooks Ever Get Resolved?

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Jan 21 2023

With the arrival of the Arks of Omen Games Workshop is putting a capstone on 9th. But what about these plot threads?

Way back at the transition point between 8th and 9th we asked some questions about particular plot hooks. Today, I want to revisit them and see if any of them ever got resolved. Get ready for a few blasts from the pasts and unresolved story plots…

Blackstone Fortress – What Happened?

So this was kind of a big deal for 8th edition. There was even an entire Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress set. The big hanging question on our minds was “we finally get an answer to the mystery of the Blackstone Fortresses?” Answer: not really.

Sure, there was a book and it did cover some of the events of the Blackstone Fortress…but this is still a plot thread that seems like it’s hanging out waiting for the mystery to be solved. We still want to know what the heck is up with all those spindle drones!!!

Ghaz’s Great WAAAGH!!!

So…Ghaz was on the cusp of launching a massive WAAAGH!!! and it was to be glorious! He had developed some new powers and was apparently able to be all over the galaxy leading the orks in multiple battles simultaneously. Allegedly. So…whatever happened to that? Did the orks just get distracted? Did they decided to put the WAAAGH!!! on hold while other stuff happened? Ghaz was up to something…and we’re still waiting for that shoe to drop.

Abaddon’s Master Plan

So way back when, Abaddon was in a pretty good spot! 13 Black Crusades (which had been retconned from losses to secret victories), Great Rift was open, Cadia had fallen, and there was a scuffle at Vigilus. So…what did all that lead to? Well, the Arks of Omen!


So hey, at least we got some forward momentum on this plot point. Way to go Abaddon…we knew you had it in you.

Return of Luther?

So…whatever happened with this plot thread? Do you remember this big reveal?


Wait…the Nihilus Sector? Is that the same as the Imperium Nihilus? Eh, anyhow the point here was the Azrael was assuming that it was Luther because of an attack on the Rock and the apparent disappearance of Luther. We never really found out. Just another plot point we’d like to learn more about.

The Aeldari Plan To Kill Slaanesh

There was a grand plan from the Aeldari/Drukhari/Ynnari to ‘defeat’ Slaanesh. It’s been around for a bit.

We obviously didn’t see a resolution to this one in 9th. No mass Aeldari suicide/rebirth happened and Slaanesh is still rocking and rolling around. I think this is just another plot point that will go on and remain unresolved for a very long time.


There’s a lot of new threads that have been introduced, too — did any of them actually get a resolution? Let us know your favorite story arcs in the comments!


Author: Adam Harrison
  • Warhammer 40K: Arks of Omen Card XII - Daemon (Inversed)