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Jinx from ‘League of Legends’ Closet Cosplay is a Loose Cannon

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Oct 12 2023

Get Jinxed in honor of Jinx Day as the iconic, manic criminal with our closet cosplay!

One of the most popular, well-acclaimed games of the decade is League of Legends. With its immersive gameplay and dynamic characters, it’s no surprise the game continues to spark the imaginations of gamers around the globe.

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Jinx is such a crucial, virally popular character that she has her own day, and we’re whipping up a closet cosplay just for the day!

Jinx from League of Legends art

The most popular character from this game by far is Jinx- the criminal mastermind behind League of Legends’ success. The blue-haired bombshell terrorizes people and thrives on chaos. With the release of her spinoff animated show, Arkane, Jinx is cemented in videogame history. To celebrate her celebrity status, we’ve built a killer closet cosplay list!


Jinx Closet Cosplay: The Halter Top

Simple black tank top for Jinx closet cosplay

Jinx rocks a pretty basic halter tank cutoff. You can go as simple as cutting (or tearing) a tank you already own or purchasing something new and unique. Go simple or go elaborate; no matter how you go, this tank is a pretty solid staple.

simple black halter top

IF you want something more elegant and streamlined, this cut provides more coverage and a better foundation for elaboration. Use this as a base, and add some details to make the connection to Jinx even stronger.


Jinx Closet Cosplay: The Pants

black and purple paint splatter striped pants

These puppies were hard to find! It took looking for circus pants to find something that matched Jinx’s signature cutoffs. Take black pants and paint them, or find something purple and striped like these bell bottoms and cut them off at the knees. The bases make the cosplay!

Jinx Closet Cosplay: The Boots

black leather many-buckled boots

Another cosplay, another black boot. For this look, you can go pirate-y, you can go clean and understated… Whatever you have on hand, as long as it looks hurried and messy! Folding the tops of these down will look rugged and perfect for Jinx.

Jinx Closet Cosplay: The Gloves

Black and purple fingerless gloves

From here, it’s all about the accessories. Jinx wears gloves, pouches, belts, and bandoliers. Any of these will elevate the cosplay to the next level, but you can go simple and mismatched as much as you like! Use those old costume gloves, and you’re all set.

Jinx Closet Cosplay: The Braid

Jinx wig with long blue braids

It’s not Jinx without the signature blue-haired braid. You can do a wig or extensions or go nuts and dye your hair (I highly suggest the Good Dye Young color line in Blue Ruin). A braided do, and you’re good to go with this Jinx closet cosplay!


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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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