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1960’s Catwoman Cosplay Pays Tribute to the Iconic Julie Newmar

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Nov 10 2023

She’s on the prowl using creative storytelling and classic comic characters like this 1960’s Catwoman cosplay!

Catwoman has experienced many evolutions in her history and has been acted out by some of Hollywood’s best leading ladies. As long as I have been a lover of cosplay, comics, and film, I have been an adoring fan of DC’s iconic anti-hero. Cosplaying her was at the top of my priority list when I began modeling. I’ve been honored that this particular amalgamation was requested for photographer workshops time and time again.

1960’s Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse

Vintage 1960’s Catwoman, Classic Charm

1960s Julie Newmar Catwoman is one of the most memorable TV moments for me. A few years ago, I began a series of workshops geared toward newer photographers. These folks wanted to develop on-set communication skills with their subjects. Communicating creative intent, telling a story, and connecting with an audience is a crucial part of photography. Using an easy-to-grasp narrative concept like a well-known comic character makes the lesson easier to digest quickly.

1960’s Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse


Into the Mind of the Muse

Cosplay characters like superheroes are iconic and easy to understand conceptually quite quickly. I decided they would be a vehicle to get photographers comfortable telling stories. If you throw Catwoman in front of a camera, they know her already.

They know her motivation, what poses she’s likely to use, and how she emotes for the camera. Keeping this story background in mind, it became easier for the photographers to create movement and connection. They connected with the model, and an artistic bond formed.

Mayhem’s Muse posing for a creative storytelling workshop

Cosplay for Photographers

In one instance, I was called by Precision Camera & Video (the largest independently owned photography store in Texas). They wanted me to fill in as a model for their workshop. I had worked with Precision for many years; I’ve taught workshops for them, modeled, and even done hair and makeup for their yearly Precision Camera University Weekend. Suffice it to say, they knew they could call me in a pinch.

A famous photographer was preparing to teach a class on compositing images and needed a cosplay artist as a subject. I was happy to help. My 1960’s Catwoman cosplay hadn’t gotten to come out and play in a while.

1960’s Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse

Catwoman on the Rooftops

The photographer’s specialty was compositing images. This method of shooting a subject in front of a plain background and transforming it was magical. He used digital media (like Photoshop) to manipulate the background, adjust lighting, and add interesting effects was fascinating. The photographer took me from crouching on a tiny step-stool in a studio and transformed me to perching atop a historic building in an urban scape, the Bat-Signal blazing in the night sky behind me.

1960’s Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse

City-Scapes and Scarves

Next, the photographer took a separate image of my scarf whipping out. The idea was to capture movement, capture it fluttering in the wind. He photoshopped me onto another building, added the scarf trailing behind me, and tweaked the lighting. I love working with photographers who take basic inspiration and breathe new life into it. These types of images are perfect for a cosplay portfolio and are incredibly popular at conventions!!! You can read Brad’s blog post about our session together HERE.

1960’s Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse

Catwoman cosplay by Mayhem’s Muse

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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