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K/DA’s Evelynn Plays With Our Minds in These Villainous Cosplays

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Nov 17 2023

You’ll hear her voice up in your head when you see these League of Legends K/DA Evelynn cosplays.

The world was taken by storm when League of Legends developer/publisher Riot Games stepped into the music industry. Over the past several years, the company has quickly built a music empire evolving from its iconic League of Legends characters, creating collaborations across multiple genres in the music industry.

This week we’re continuing our celebration of the most iconic pop/stars to come from their K-pop supergroup. She’s a straight-up Villain, and we’re alive for these K/DA Evelynn cosplays.

K/DA Evelynn Cosplay by HaneAme

Evelynn is the sultry seductive force of K/DA. She’s a diva with an attitude and the power to match it. With her iconic pinup hair, signature shades, and claw accessories that could rip someone to shreds (and make them like it), Evelynn has it all.


K/DA Evelynn Cosplay by Lyumos

Evelynn is the member of K/DA I have seen the most cosplays so far. Though Ahri and Akali get their fair share of cosplays, (check out our last few weeks of K/DA cosplays!), Evelynn certainly holds the minds of cosplayers around the world. We’ve been taken to the grave for these Evelynn cosplays!

K/DA Evelynn cosplay by Disharmonica

K/DA Evelynn Cosplay by HaneAme

“On the low
Only love myself no more”

“Take you to the grave I’ll ghost
I know I can be so cold”


“In the dark
Where I like to keep my heart”

“Know I’m all bite, no bark
Like to catch you way off guard”

“I’ll stay so deep inside your brain
And take you somewhere far away”

“Time to roll the dice
You know I’m the type”

“Type to risk my life
Not afraid to die”

“Type to make you cry
Type to put a price”

“All up on your head
Do just what I said”


“I’ma straight up villain”

“Straight up villain
Yeah no feeling”

“I’m alive but I’m dead
Hear my voice up in your head”

K/DA Evelynn Cosplay by Lyumos

“Watch it fill you full of dread
Till you go pow”

“Is it really a surprise
If I’m playing with your mind”

“And I treat you like prize
Then I throw you to the side”

“And am I really that bad
If l love to make you mad”

“And get happy when your sad
Only care about a bag”

“In control
That’s how I like it”


“And I’m never letting go, nah
Never had a soul”

K/DA Evelynn Cosplay by Disharmonica

“So you ain’t taking anything from me
When you go, nah”

“I’ll stay so deep inside your brain
And take you somewhere far away”

“Listen to your brain go
Go stupid, go dumb, go stupid and
Then we go insane whoa
Just do what I say
Follow me I’ll lead the way”

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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