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These ‘Final Fantasy X’ Yuna Cosplays are Nirvana

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Jan 19 2024

She’s a Summoner on the path to banish Sin, and these Yuna cosplays are casting spells on our hearts.

Final Fantasy X is one of the most controversial and divisive of the series. Whether the player’s reactions are positive or negative, the response is strong. As the first game in the series to have voice actors and a new style of battle and action, Final Fantasy X has a special place in our hearts. Today, we’re celebrating the cheerful Summoner with this Yuna feature!

Yuna cosplay by Yuna Kairi Cosplay

Final Fantasy X tells the story of Tidus, a Blitzball player who finds himself swept into a magical world plagued by a mysterious titan named Sin. He joins a band of travelers on their way to face this great evil and discovers a unique connection along the way with Yuna, the High Summoner’s Daughter.

Yuna cosplay by Fantalusy

As is typical in a Final Fantasy story, the plot takes twists and turns that are surprising until the last minute. The character art is vivid and full of colors, and the astonishingly gorgeous cinematics take players’ breaths away.

Yuna cosplay by Tomia Cosplay

Bringing the Summoner to Life

Yuna is very much the focal point of the story, both visually and through character development. She carries a Summoners staff, which she wields as an accompaniment to the dance which summons the Aeon spirits. The staff evolves through the course of the game as she gains in skill. The hardest part of a Yuna outfit is deciding which of these gorgeous staves to build!

Yuna cosplay by Bexxin Cosplay

To complete the Yuna cosplay, you need the sweeping blue skirts, the white top, and the gorgeous yellow floral Obi, which adorns her waist. Add in some bright and cheery beads for her hair and a utilitarian pair of black boots, and you’re ready for adventure! This crop of video game cosplayers has done a wonderful job of embodying Yuna, complete with the beachy scenes and beautiful, sweeping Summoning dance. We hope you love today’s Yuna feature!

Yuna Cosplay by Yuna Kairi Cosplay, Images by Kira Photoarts

“My will is strong.

“I will fight too!

“You may be a maester, but I will still fight!

“I’ll only be pleased when you’re gone to the Farplane!


“I believe in you.

Yuna Cosplay by Fantalusy

You sure you’re alright?

“I’m sorry, everyone.

Yuna Cosplay by Tomia Cosplay

My name’s Yuna. Pleased to meet you.

“Light shine strong, our woe begone!

“Mirror of light, reflect magical spite!

Yuna Cosplay by Bexxin Cosplay

“Prepare for a phantasmagoric panoply of magical power! Your abilities will be mine!


“I’ll help with all my might.

“Pure energy; a power beyond all human knowledge!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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