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Heal the Planet in This ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Aerith Closet Cosplay

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Feb 29 2024

Everyone’s favorite local flower girl is back in the newest installment of the FFVII Remake, and we have just the right cosplay inspiration!

The Final Fantasy video game continues to be one of the most popular immersive experiences of our generation. Through the evolution of consoles and storytelling capabilities, the creatives at Square Enix have breathed new life into the iconic Final Fantasy VII game with its Remake installments. As the next chapter is revealed this month, it’s the perfect time to start planning the perfect themed cosplay.

Aerith Gainsborough was an elusive and powerfully spiritual character in the original Final Fantasy VII game. She’s known for her sweet pink dress and chunky boots with a gorgeous red cropped jacket, topped off with her iconic pink bow. She’s a healer with a heart of gold who never fails to protect the ones she loves. We’re diving into the heart of the planet with this Aerith closet cosplay!

Aerith Closet Cosplay: The Dress

Aerith rocks a pretty simple ruched pink maxi dress. You can go strapless, halter, spaghetti straps, or fuller sleeves–it’s just the cut and color that matter. This is a great excuse to buy a dress you’d keep in your normal closet, and slide it on in as a closet cosplay choice.

Feel free to play with shades of pink, with textures, and with cuts. Find a dress that suits your needs and makes you happy, then layer it up for the perfect Aerith look.

Aerith Closet Cosplay: The Jacket

I went with a short sleeve on this jacket to mimic Aerith’s video game lines, but you could pick a long sleeve or vest cut as well, depending on what you have on hand or can source. More pockets are always better, and this layer will keep you warm on the cold Con floor!


Aerith Closet Cosplay: The Boots

As always, rock the boots you got. I picked out a slightly heeled boot to give this cosplay some elegance and went with a warm, lighter shade to make it brighter and happier. You can do detailing or matte details, heeled or flat.

Aerith Closet Cosplay: The Bangles

Aerith rocks a series of chunky bangle bracelets that can go with just about anything. Throw on any collection of chunky bracelets or layered looks that you have. I went with leather and stones for an earthier, cottage-core vibe.

Aerith Closet Cosplay: The Hair Bow

To top it all off, you need the sweetest pink bow in the universe. Bonus points if you tie in a blue Holy material into it!


For the love of little flowers, please help us earn some spare gil for our counter-Shinra operations. The links in this article will lead you to some groovy closet cosplay options for you to use as inspiration. Amazon gives us a little kick-back for each link, so help support your local game nerds!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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