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Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Iceman & Shadowcat Bring Utility To The X-Men Roster

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Feb 5 2024

Atomic Mass Games is bringing Iceman and Shadowcat to the tabletop and we’ve got our hands on their new Character Pack!

The X-Men family roster is really filling out. We already got a look at the rest of this new wave with Bishop & Nightcrawler. Plus we just looked at Professor X & Shadow King. Today, thanks to AMG,  we’re getting a look at the final character pack with Iceman & Shadowcat. Both of these characters bring utility to the tabletop and they just might slide right into your rosters.

Again, I do like the package redesign. I’ve mentioned that before but it does help separate out these newer sets from the previous versions.


Inside the box, there’s exactly what we’ve come to expect again. There’s all the cards and sprues in their separate plastic baggies. The sheet does have the link to the assembly guides as well. I managed to build both of these kits without needing the instructions as they weren’t that tricky. If you are like me, just dry-fit the bits first to make sure you know how the go together before you add glue.

Sprue-wise, each character is on their own set so, again, it makes it real easy to figure out what bit goes where. I also like the X-Men theme of having Sentinel bits. Speaking of which, what’s up with all the Sentinel’s getting their left arms torn off? It’s like the X-Men really don’t lefties.


Between Colossus, the Crashed Sentinel Terrain Pack, and now Shadowcat, there’s a lot of Sentinels with missing left arms!

And yes, I did assemble both characters. As mentioned above they weren’t particularly hard to assemble but Shadowcat did have some tricky stuff with the phasing-thru-an-arm sculpt (which was super cool).

The Cards

This pack came with four team tactics card sets of four — one set for each of the four languages supported. AMG did tease that there  might be a spoiler for a future character in these cards.

AMG already covered what Iceman can do in an earlier breakdown. If you want to get a better look at his cards check that one out.


Here’s a look at Shadowcat, aka Katherine “Kitty” Pryde. She’s another Threat Level 3 character that brings consistency with her attacks. Plus she’s got some nice defensive boosts, too. Can’t Touch This is a nice 2 energy defensive ability that allows you to mitigate being pushed or thrown. And Lockheed is there — you can’t beat that!

Both of these characters are coming in the above Character Pack and will be available in stores on March 1, 2024. You can preorder them now direct from Asmodee’s webstore.

“Players will bring youthful exuberance to the table with the Iceman & Shadowcat Character Pack. These two fan-favorite X-Men add new low-cost options to the Affiliation. With show-stopping affiliated Team Tactic Cards in tow, these rising stars are the jewel of any mutant Squad on the battlefield.”


No, those aren’t Colossus’ official colors. Yes, I am doing an X-Force themed roster.

Author: Adam Harrison
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