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“Hullo, Kitten”: Phase Into These X-Men Kitty Pryde Cosplays

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Apr 19 2024

As powers grow and flourish, so do identities… this phase-shifting X-Man might be leading toward a darker path. Choose your favorite Kitty Pryde cosplay!

The X-Men universe is full of twisting stories, alternate timelines, parallel universes, and cosmic shenanigans. As the stories change, so do the characters as they evolve through their trials and tribulations. The path from principal student to pirate is a long and circuitous one, and we’re journeying it with Katherine “Kitty” Anne Pryde.

Kitty Pryde Cosplay with permission by Ødfel

Cosplayer Ødfel has tackled not just one but many of these character evolutions for Kitty Pryde cosplay. She has a particular love of the character and has brought her to life in some really groovy photo sets. From her shifting through walls to pouring the brews, this cosplay has it all. Including an homage to Kitty’s cultural heritage!

Kitty Pryde Cospla, with permission by Ødfel

“If we’re to learn anything from Larry’s death, it should be this… You want to know who I am? I’m Katherine Pryde. That’s the only thing that matters. The rest are just labels.”
Kitty Pryde Cosplay with permission by Ødfel

“I’m Jewish. I don’t have a quote unquote Jewish-sounding name. I don’t look or sound Jewish, whatever that looks or sounds like… So if you didn’t know I was Jewish, you might not know… unless I told you. Same goes for my mutation. I don’t have to wear a visor or have blue fur all over me. I can walk around. Just a young woman of the world. But… I’m not.”
Kitty Pryde Cosplay with permission by Ødfel

“I’ve worn an X a long time. Saved plenty. Lost plenty too. This mission isn’t some wild dream…it’s an act of will. The choice here is one I make every day…to hope. To not take no for an answer when others would.”
Captain Kate cosplay with permission by Ødfel

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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