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This ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Yuffie Cosplay is Here for Your Materia

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May 1 2024

We’re living in a Materia world, and she is a Materia girl. These ninja Yuffie cosplays will steal your heart!

Final Fantasy VII is one of the most beloved JRPG video games of all time. With its stunning soundtrack by musical legend Nobou Uematsu, and its evocative story of rebellion against industrial titans in a bid to save the planet… There are few games that have stuck with audiences for so long that they are continually trending. This week we’re here to feature the sneak-thief of everyone’s Materia–Yuffie Kisaragi cosplays!

Yuffie Cosplay by Stella Chu

Yuffie Kisaragi is a self-proclaimed Materia Hunter from Wutai in the Final Fantasy VII world. She’s a sassy, rambunctious youth who gets on more nerves than she gets Materia. She’s known for her smoke bomb escapes and penchant for air sickness. She is an optional party member in the original game, requiring some serious shenanigans to win her over.

An overdramatic entrance sequence worthy of Sailor Moon’s Usagi or Pokemon’s Team Rocket

Though Yuffie isn’t a main character in the game, she has had a lasting impression on the Final Fantasy genre. She has appeared in games like Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts and recently made an appearance in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Yuffie’s look changes slightly through each of these iterations, giving cosplayers a lot of creative fuel.

Yuffie Cosplay by Narga and Aoki

Boomerangs and Shurikens and Steel Reapers, OH MY!

Yuffie is a character who deals mostly with ranged weapons. Her characteristic play on Ninja tropes gives her access to dramatic recreations of classic weapons in the games. How a tiny girl like her can successfully navigate a weapon so huge is a mystery only solved by digital game magic, but the result is an epic cosplay base. Yuffie cosplayers have hit the cosplay scene for decades, bringing youth vibes with a bit of edge.

Yuffie Cosplay by Kainosaurus

This week’s cosplayers show the range of Yuffie inspiration. From the classic Final Fantasy VII original game look to the Advent Children adaptation and to the newest iteration of the Moogle hoodie/cloak, each cosplayer finds a unique way to depict Yuffie. We are particularly charmed by the gorgeous backdrops and settings that bring Yuffie to life, like the Pagoda from Michelle Cosplay’s images or the lovely koi pond of Stella Chu’s images. We hope you enjoy these Yuffie cosplays, and remember–if you need someone to keep your Materia safe, there’s no better ninja than Yuffie Kisaragi, the White Rose of Wutai.

Yuffie Cosplay by Michelle Cosplay

Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay by Jahara Jayde

“I know you want my help because I’m so good!

The single white rose of Wutai.”

Yuffie Cosplay by Stella Chu

“Oh, GAWD!

“If I knew this was gonna happen, I would’ve taken rope escape lessons more seriously!!


“Don’t mess with me old man!

“You don’t even have any Materia!

“You gotta do it then.”

You gotta live true to yourself.

“I know you’re all dying’ to talk to a babe like me!

“It’s a contract that says when the war is over, all the materia will belong to me.

Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay by Kainosaurus

“You spikey-headed jerk!

“Lets go – One more time!

“The stars shine so bright, like glowing materia…

“…reach up and grab one.

“Oh wow, I’m totally clueless!

“Nope! I don’t get it!

Yuffie Cosplay by Narga and Aoki

“Cool! This should do it!

“Alright. Who’s been touching my materia?”


“I am the champion of the earth and the sky.”

I am the conqueror of evil.

The single white rose of Wutai.”

Yuffie Kisaragi Cosplay by Michelle Cosplay

I was poking around Nibelheim and I found you looking all corpse-like in Shinra Manor.”

Cloud Strife Cosplay by Vincent Cosplay

Remember, if you piss me off… it’ll cost you!!

Yuffie Cosplay by Nisababa

“Kairi? Who’s Kairi? I’m the great ninja Yuffie!”

Nope! Never seen him before in my life! But I DO know his name. Guess that makes introductions easy!”

“Just give up, and it’ll be easier!”

Join us next week for more cosplay coverage!

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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