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Brent: A Pictorial on Article Inspiration

Blogging is part fun and part inspiration – but it’s also a lot of work.  People forget that.Greetings and Nonsense, BoLS fans!  Brent here, on loan from Strictly Average to talk a bit of blogging.  More specifically, where can the inspiration for a blog post or article come from? This is one I actually a […]

Brent: The Science of (too much!) Choice

Chaos is here!  And it’s all spiffy in hardback and everything – how about that?  There are new unit types; heck, there are even models for the new unit types!We’re spoiled for choice!  But… all that choice is sort of the problem. Hello again, Faithful Reader.  Here’s the standard third paragraph introduction / plea for […]

Brent: How Do Others See Us?

I’ve been a bit out of pocket this past month, what with real life smacking me around some and taking a sledgehammer to my hobby time.  (That, and the airbrush requiring a parts order…)  Lifting my head from the sand, the first tidbit of hobby goodness that caught my attention was a video.No, it wasn’t […]

Brent: Attempting Ethnic Diversity at 25mm

There used to be a Caucasian-colored crayon called ‘Flesh.’  If you’re too young to have heard this little factoid of cultural insensitivity, cheer up!  It’s true… but thankfully changed in 1962.But if this crayon was a paint, then aren’t way too many of us using it? Hello again, of Faithful Reader!  Brent here, with a […]

Brent 40K: Daemons and 6th Ed. Part 3 and FINALLY!

Not easy for yours truly, trying to write a three-parter on Daemons when it’s a sure bet a sizable chunk of you don’t remember Parts 1 and 2. Ah, the Blogosphere!  Where the only collective memory comes down to who flamed me last.  (That would be you, Warboss!  You’re my nemesis you are.) But persevere […]

Brent: Daemons and 6th Edition, Part 2 of 3

As the title suggests, this is the 2nd of a 3-part series of articles on Daemons and 6th Edition.  Part 1 lays the foundation for a discussion of Daemons, while Part 2, today’s article, explores the difficulty in covering subjects in 6th Edition.Brent here, blah blah blah and all that.  Please visit Strictly Average and please […]

Brent: Daemons and 6th Edition, Part 1 of 3

Daemons of Chaos for Warhammer 40000 have received a new edition, an updated FAQ, and – heck, why not! – even new models and rules in the latest White Dwarf……so I guess it’s about time for an updated Daemonic Primer. Darn it all.  (Yeah, I’ve been putting this off for awhile!  So much so this […]

Brent: Terrain on the Cheap

Okay young whipper-snappers, back in my day we had to make our own terrain – and there wasn’t anyone around to show us how.  And, we all had to walk to school – both ways.  In the snow!  And we were glad for it… or isn’t that how the cliché goes?We (ahem) older gamers didn’t […]

Brent: Are Comments Really Communication At All?

There is an art and science to communication… but maybe that just doesn’t apply to comments on the Ol’ Blogosphere. Communication is an art and a science.  For art, there is literature; be it Shakespeare.  Or Milton.  Molière.  Heinlein!  For communication – what else but physics, a language so far beyond the grasp of most of […]

Brent Rants on 6th: What’s Wrong with you People?

Lordy, has it only been two weeks?  I feel like I’m tip-toeing through a virtual battlefield!  Where before there was WAAC and FAAP – a nice, orderly battle line – now there remains only chaos.  Keep your head down!  Is it Armageddon?  The Zombie Apocalypse? Call it what you will, it’s a wasteland of contradictory […]

Brent: To Catch a Thief (Bell’s Most Wanted)

Consider today’s Terrible Tuesday Wednesday offering to be something of an experiment.  The nature?  To harness the power of our community.  The purpose?  To catch a thief.Hello and greetings and all that; Brent here, fresh from not posting on my blog Strictly Average ’cause I’m too busy playing 6th Edition games. Or painting allied contingents. Or playing […]

Brent: Holy Sadness Doughnuts, Goatboy!

Let me admit up front, I’ve done next to no blogging on 6th Edition:  no lead in, no ‘day of,’ and no online research.  Nope, none of that!  Just reading the book and playing the game.And re-reading and re-playing, trying to get a handle on how these changes play out.  With a bit of time […]

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