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HOBBY X-Wing – Modified YT-1300 (Outer Rim Smuggler)

Real Genius 4 Minute Read Jul 22

I’ve fallen in love with Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing Miniatures Game.  It has a great combination of deck/list building and quick game play with just the right mix of finding the right combo without being combo-dependent. But what really sold me was the Millennium Falcon.  And if one Millennium Falcon is good, by all means, three is better! Ok, well, so […]

REVIEW: Blood Gorgons, by Henry Zou

Real Genius 2 Minute Read Aug 23

Photo courtesy Black Library I came to review Blood Gorgons in a most unusual manner. BDub asked me to hold onto the book while we were packing up WARGamesCon to make sure it didn’t get stored away until next year. Then, while in the process of returning the book to him (naturally), I went on […]

HOBBY: Full Water Bases

Real Genius 5 Minute Read May 24

One suggestion for my Fire Hawk army was a deep blue color to contrast the predominance of yellow and orange.  Immediately I thought of water basing.  I’ve wanted to experiment with clear casting resin for a while and I finally broke down decided now was the time to give it a try. Before diving in, […]

HOBBY: Painting Dark Eldar Mandrakes (Part 2)

Real Genius 5 Minute Read Apr 5

In Part 1 I went through preparation of Dark Eldar Mandrakes and here’s the companion to that article that covers a little of my painting thought process and actually getting them painted.First, a little bit about Mandrakes from the Dark Eldar Codex: Mandrakes “flesh is coal-dark and seems to absorb rather than reflect light” and […]

HOBBY: Painting Masterclass Report (video)

Real Genius 2 Minute Read Aug 26

Earlier in August I had the pleasure of hosting 16-time Golden Daemon winner Mathieu Fontaine at a Painting Masterclass in Austin, Texas.  I had previously taken Mathieu’s excellent four-hour class at Adepticon.  When I found out that he teaches a two-day/twenty hour version, I knew I had to get it organized for our group back […]

Hobby: Airbrush Types

Real Genius 4 Minute Read Jul 20

++Airbrush Types++ Posted by: Grey_Death Last week was Airbrush Week at The Painting Corps.  Head over and check out a full week’s worth of articles dedicated to Airbrushing. All around the web people in the wargaming community are getting more and more interested in adding an airbrush to their repertoire of tools.  To help aid […]

Hobby: Airbrush Compressors

Real Genius 3 Minute Read Jul 19

++Airbrush Compressors++ Posted by: Grey_Death Last week was Airbrush Week at The Painting Corps.  Head over and check out a full week’s worth of articles dedicated to Airbrushing. Compressors and their accessories are one of the bigger concerns past the airbrush itself that many have when they’re considering stepping into the world of airbrushing.Instead of […]

War Games Con: Terrain

Real Genius 4 Minute Read Jul 12

Greetings from the War Games Con Manufactorum! This year JWolf tasked me with adding a little more terrain to the War Games Con collection.  We’ll have more tables going than last year and we also wanted a few larger pieces that would be good for blocking line of sight.With those goals in mind, I set […]

Hobby: Angels Sanguine Terminator Squad

Real Genius 4 Minute Read Jun 24

++Angels Sanguine Terminator Squad++ Posted by: Grey_Death After some marathon painting sessions, the last of which I pulled an all nighter, the first squad of terminators are finished for my Angels Sanguine. I painted the four new models all at once to save a little time along the way, and while I’m sure I did, it […]

Hobby: Painting Space Wolves 13th Company

++Space Wolves 13th Company++ Video by: LBursley We over at The Painting Corps have been pushing the community more and more on the airbrush issue.  They just speed things up incredibly and really give fantastic effects.  It’s not a complete brush substitute, but the things you can accomplish at a much faster clip make it […]