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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy, the man behind Forge the Narrative. Podcaster and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

Orks Codex Review: Get Your Waaaaagh On – FTN

Paul Murphy 3 Minute Read October 29

Ork players are gonna love this!  Your wait for a codex is being WELL rewarded. Talking about the ‘good stuff’ in this book will take more than one episode.  There won’t be one way to play these boyz.. this codex has tons of options.  Check it out!

Space Wolves Codex Review: Powerful and Fun – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read August 20

Holy Smokes.  The Space Wolves are here and they are worth the wait.  The Space Wolves are the favorite chapter of many in 40k.  Old and new fans of this faction have a LOT to keep themselves busy with many army list combinations and the opportunity to make almost everything in the Space Marines army […]