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Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy, the man behind Forge the Narrative. Podcaster and Columnist at Bell of Lost Souls.

Huge ITC Points and Missions Changes Coming – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read March 11

Reece Robins from Frontline Gaming and the ITC joins us this week to talk about several massive changes happening for the 2019 ITC season.    This is a great jumping on point if you are not a current ITC participant.  Already playing for points?  Then you want to hear about these changes.

Upcoming Events You Can’t Miss – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read February 25

In this episode we mostly talk about a few upcoming events you don’t want to miss – Including a couple of high demand pere-registration dates. Of course we have the normal dose of tactics and hobby talk. Chris, Mike and Paul jibber jabber..

We All Make Deployment Mistakes – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read January 7

As good as I claim to be I still make deployment mistakes that cost me the game. It’s easy to misjudge what our opponent can do and end up just ‘going through the motions’ until time is called.  We talk about that today to help you avoid the same fate I took this week.

What Are Your Hobby Resolutions for 2019? – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read December 31

2018 is just about in the books.  Paul, Chris and Val run down brief FTN year in review and talk about hobby resolutions for 2019.  Carl Tuttle from the ICs joins Paul for a great chat in the middle of the show.  Later in the show we continue our Road the the LVO coverage.

40K: What Will Win The Las Vegas Open? – FTN

Paul Murphy 2 Minute Read December 24

Mr. Reece Robins joins the show today to talk with us about the largest Warhammer 40,000 Tournament in the world!!!  We discuss the recent changes to the ITC Missions, the ITC Code of Conduct and give some tips on what you should be thinking about if you want to win a giant 40k tournament.