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Mantic Deadzone Scenery in Detail

Larry Vela 3 Minute Read May 24

Mantic’s Deadzone has released a bunch of renders of their modular hard plastic science fiction scenery range.  These look like quite the bargain for almost any wargamer out there.. If you’re looking at building a 6’x4’ Wargames Table for Warhammer 40,000, Infinity, or any of the other popular science fiction systems, then take a good […]

MANTIC: Dreadball Unboxing (Video)

Lets take a look at the fruits of Mantic Games’ successful Kickstarter – Dreadball is here! ~ I hear that there are leagues and full organized play coming soon.  I’d expect to see Dreadball at lots of major events in the months ahead.

Mantic Zombie Marines for Halloween!

Brains – they want brains…  If only I had a use for a giant pile of high-tech soldier zombies… oh wait. Via Mantic  Zombie Marines – Halloween Special Fallen battle-brothers from the Deadzone VI massacre, Z Corp are mindless, plague-ridden corpses, reanimated by whatever malignant viral infection resided planetside. Chaotic in their way of fighting, […]

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