Necromunda Returns, New Marines, 40K RPG & More

It’s been a BUSY weekend wargamers. We’ve got everything from a NEW NECROMUNDA, to Forge World minis, to Privateer, D&D and Starfinder goodies!


40K RPG: Wrath & Glory Announced

It’s time to explore the Grim-Dark from a different angle with a brand new RPG – it’s Wrath & Glory time!

These Starfinders are Mere Pawns

Flesh out your Starfinder campaign with these new pawns from Paizo.

GW: New Releases August 12th “Pricing & Links”

Primaris Inceptors Ahoy! It’s time to lock-and-load for the Emperor! Come see what else GW has out this weekend!

FFG: Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announces a new and improved edition of Twilight Imperium!

40K: Grey Knight Relics Ranked

The Grey Knights are now out and about – let’s talk about the Relics of Titan!


Privateer Press: August New Releases

More Grymkin and their hauntingly gorgeous models arrive…

40K Breaking: Necromunda Returns!

Necromunda is back in a big way. Come take a look.

40K: Forge World Open Day Roundup

The Forge World Open Day has come to an end. Check out the latest pics!

AoS: General’s Handbook 2017 Preview

Take a look at the upcoming General’s Handbook 2017 and accompanying releases.

~You’re all caught up – onto the new week!

  • euansmith

    It looks a bit like the ‘Eavy Metal Studio has been trying to follow some Angel Giraldez Painting Tutorials. Adorable!

    • Luca Lacchini

      The purplish skin tones remind me of the GRELs from Heavy Gear.

    • NovaeVox

      It’s difficult to tell if that’s an ‘Eavy Metal paint job. Necromunda is a Forgeworld property and their painters always have seemed better at creating contrast and definition with weathering rather than achieving the subtle layering and crisp edge highlights of the ‘Eavy Metal style.

      The skin highlights are less subtle than on the studio Lelith Hesperax mini, but the range of tones is also greater.

      • euansmith

        Good point.

      • Griffin

        Necromunda is a GW, specialist games product and has nothing to do qith forgeworld…

        • Xodis

          Like Bloodbowl, GW will be hammering out the majority of figures while FW takes care of some resin special characters/units. Its just how it works like with all the other systems.

        • NovaeVox

          The new Specialist Games studio splintered from the Forgeworld team. At the very least both divisions have the same manager in the company, although I can’t remember his name atm. Although they seem to operate semi-autonomously, GW has increasingly advertised FW products alongside Citadel products. 30k is a major GW product line now. The main studio has demonstrated a willingness to assimilate some of FW’s successes into the primary branch; e.g., Betrayal at Calth.

          Note that Blood Bowl’s non-core teams and special characters are produced in FW resin. Also note that Necromunda was announced just prior to FW Open Day.

          • Griffin

            Regardless of whom is working on the rules or miniatures your statement that necromunda is owned by FW is incorrect

  • GiftoftheMagi

    Necromunda is back. Nothing else matters.