T’au, Necron Leaks, Forgebane ,Warmachine & More!

The 40K rumormill is running on overtime! There’s all kinds of new goodies from GW, Privateer, and more. Get in here!

40K: T’au Rules Conundrums

We’ve got a copy of Codex: T’au early and we’ve got a few questions about how some of the rules work.

Star Trek Ascendancy: Borg Expansion & Ships

We are the Borg. Resistance is futile. And we have invaded your Tabletop with our new expansion!

40K BREAKING: Necron Dynasty Rules Spotted

The first Codex Necron Leaks/rumors are here – and they are SPICY!

PP: Satyxis Raiders and Slaughter Fleets

Satyxis Raiders join the crew this week–prepping for the arrival of their Admiral.

40K RUMORS: Codex Necrons Rules

More info on the Next Necron Codex is spilling online and we’ve got the lowdown on the Dynamic Dynasties!

Pathfinder: Corrupt Courts? Send Scions, Songbirds, and Saboteurs

The War of the Crown continues, this time the heroes help a Princess in need.

40K: T’au Unit Deep Dive

We’ve got the book in hand and we’re going over all the units that are listed in the new Codex: T’au Empire!

Wyrd: Kassa Okoye – A Commander for Two Empires

This Abyssinian engineer has a special relationship the King’s Empire.

GW: New Pre-orders March 10 “Prices & Links”

The T’au Codex is up from Pre-Orders this weekend from GW!

40K: Necrons Next – Forgebane and Dynasties

Next up from GW–Necrons and Robots and Necrons.

~ You’re all caught up – Welcome to T’au & Necron Week!

  • euansmith

    Necron leaks? You aren’t gettin’ that out of the carpet.

    • marxlives

      Kassa, Okoye, for whenever you just need a bigger gun. Solid releases all around from GW, PP, and Wyrd. The only thing that is sad is Tau, hopefully all the fear and terror is unfounded.

  • bossdakka

    Whats up with these recycle topics? Its a collection of previous articles, absolutely nothing new…

    • Rahl

      They’ve done it for a while. I think of it more of a ‘weekend wrap-up’ type thing, putting some bigger stuff together in one place. I don’t know if people are lazy enough that they just can’t scroll back a couple pages though, but I guess BoLS wants more clicks. -shrug-

  • aylwong

    No mention of Infinity new book and new JSA army pack with new sweet models? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0sw5X_DGrQQ