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40K Lore: 5 Things You Need to Know About Eldar

Come Loremasters – it is time to study the Aeldari and learn many dark secrets:

Eldar Craftworld Rules: 17 Years and the Future

The Eldar Craftworlds have had rules going back 17 Years. What do they tell us about the future?

40K: GW Hints At The Next Codex…

Or they’re asking about Craftworlds as a red herring…but it seems like awfully convenient timing.

Bite the Bullet: Eldar NEED New Eldar Aspect Warriors

The Eldar army has always been popular – but it’s 2017 and the range is tied to a boat-anchor of ancient minis that need to go.

40K RETRO: Meet the Eldar of 1987

Today we look back 30 years at the first “Space Elves” who rocked across tabletops in 1987. Take a look at the original Rogue Trader Eldar.

Dark Apocrypha: T’au T’emptations

The T’au have uncovered an artifact of ancient power…can they stand the temptation to use it or will the greater good falter?

40K: Eldar vs Tyranids – Who’s Next

One of these two books is up next – who do you think deserves it more? Eldar or Tyranids!

The emperor’s beard #239: Bureaucratic feud

“The tithe must flow”

40K Lore: Trapped Spirits of the Aeldari

  With a force of Aeldari pushing through Imperial territory, it’s time to learn about their corrupt, perverse technology.

Meet the Eldar A-10 Thunderbolt – the Phoenix

I’ve been waiting for 8th Edition rules for one of most useful 40k vehicles – the Eldar Phoenix. Can it hold up to the Crimson Hunter?

Meet the Eldar Swiss Army Knife – the Lynx

I’ve been waiting for 8th Edition rules for one of most unique 40k vehicles – the Eldar Lynx. Forge World did not disappoint.

40K: Craftworld Eldar Hemlock vs Crimson Hunter

Hero here to talk about two Eldar nasty fighters and how I’m using them in lists.

What's New