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D&D: In Ixalan Dinosaurs Fight Vampires

Plane Shift: Ixalan trakes D&D to the best possible Plane for Adventure. Why aren’t you playing now?

D&D: Plane Shift Ixalan Preview

At PAX Unplugged we got a sneak peek at the next Plane Shift Adventure for D&D.

D&D: Explore the Plane of Amonkhet

The Plane of Amonkhet holds many wonders…and a dark secret.

D&D: Plane Shift – Kaladesh

Wizards of the Coast is servo-ing up a new invention–check out the latest plane shift from WotC.

D&D: Plane Shift Zendikar

For the first time EVER Wizard of the Coast is crossing multiverses – Dungeons & Dragons meets Magic: The Gathering!

What's New