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40K: Necrons Confirmed & Sautekh Dynasty Rules Released

Games Workshop is verifying those Necrons rumors as more previews show up. First up is the Sautekh Dynasty!

40K: Necrons Arise Next Week

It’s official folks, the Necrons are Nextcron…I’ll be here all week.

Tabletop Gallery: Greetings, Fellow Hu-mans

The new ‘cunning disguise’ option for Necrons gives you access to the FELLOW HUMANS rule which allows you to include a detachment of Astra Militarum units in a battle-forged army.

40K: Unboxing the Armiger And Cryptek

We’ve got our hands on the Armiger Warglaive and the new Cryptek from Forgebane, come take a look!

GW: Forgebane Pre-Orders “Pricing & Links”

The new boxed set is up for Pre-Order. Forgebane is ready for action!

40K: Forgebane Unboxed

We got our hands on the new Forgebane box and are taking a quick tour of the contents!

40K: Forgebane – The Battle For Blackstone

We’ve got a closer look at exactly why Belisarius Cawl is going after Blackstone direct from Forgebane!

40K: Blackstone – The New Warhammer McGuffin

Forgebane is coming soon and with it, some new plot drivers and McGuffin detectors. It’s time to get the lowdown on Blackstone!

40K: The Balance of Forgebane Forces

At first glance, Forgebane looks like it might be a tad out of balance – but is it really?

40K: The Cryptek’s New Cloak

The Necrons are getting a new HQ option for the Cryptek and it’s looking pretty fly!

Goatboy’s Quick Thoughts: Necron Dynasties

Goatboy talks about his first impressions of the Necron Dynasty rules.

GW: Forgebane Pricing CONFIRMED

The new boxed set is coming to retail stores everywhere – so what is it gonna run ya?

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