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Category: Retribution

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Retribution:Ryssovass Defenders – I’d Watch Your Back

  They slice, they dice, and you’ll love their tricks once they get those swords swinging.

Retribution: Priest of Nyssor Brings the Ice

On the rocks please. Check out  Retribution’s fun new support solo with a lot of versatility.

Retribution: House Shyeel Arcanists Keep You In the Fight

  Hold on a second – we can fix it!

Retribution: Lord Ghyrrshyld, The Forgiven Under the Microscope

  Today check out Retribution’s newest caster and Cryx defector.

Retribution: Hemera – Ultimate Arc-Node

Hemera is a new jack for Retribution. Come check out this cheap Arc-node with a solid gun.

Warmachine: Best of the Best – Retribution Warcasters

Ranking the top three Retribution Warcasters in Warmachine and Hordes.

Retribution: Aelyth Vyr, Blade of Nyssor Swings Last

A very HARD man err elf!  Come check out Retributions new solo – who always gets the “Last Word”.

Privateer: New Scyrah and Nyss Units for the Retribution

The Retribution is getting a couple of new units dedicated to Scyrah and Nyssor. Epic team-up action awaits!

Privateer: Retribution Command Book Out this Month

The new Retribution of Scyrah book is due out soon – and Privateer is giving us a new look at it!

Privateer Press: New Retribution Minis

More additions to Retribution are coming in June – check it out!

Privateer: June Retribution Releases

Next month Ghyrrshyld and friends return to defend the Goddess.

Privateer: Designing Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven

Privateer takes you through the process of bring Ghyrrshyld to the tabletop.

What's New