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Next Heresy Game, New Marines & More

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Jul 11 2016



It’s been a BUSY weekend gamers! Let’s break it down together tabletop fans.

The Age of Sigmar Global Campaign kicks off this week! But this weekend, we got word of the next Horus Heresy boxed game, saw plastic Heresy minis arrive at long last to the store shelves, delve into why gamers lose thier minds at the tabletop, learned to play Warmachine V3 and a whole lot more.  Grab your favorite beverage and wade in.


GW: New Releases July 9th “Pricing & Links”

Games Workshop goes back-in-black with the return to the Pre-Heresy Era!


BLPROCESSED-Beast Must Die MP340K: Beast Arises – The Beast Must Die Out Now!

Part 8 of the Beast Arises Series is now available – The Beast Must DIE!


dice-camera-action-horzD&D: Dice, Camera, Action! with Chris Perkins

Grab your sword, bow, and wand. Come adventure with this week’s live-play through of Curse of Strahd. – Session 13



Deep Thought: Why Tabletop Gamers Lose It

A professional digs into the root of why players lose thier minds at the tabletop.


warmachine-basic-trainingWARMACHINE V3: Learn to Play NOW!

Learn to play Warmachine V3 right now with this lavish Basic Training guide from Privateer Press.


battle-for-prospero-horz40K RUMORS: Battle for Prospero Box is Coming!

You heard that right, get in here for the latest scuttlebutt on the next “big boxed game” from GW:


venom spidermanHeroClix: Venom & Anti-Venom

The Alien Symbiote joins the Superior Foes of Spider-Man.



~OK, that will get you all ready to start the new week!


  • White Dwarf 128: Inside the Covers