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Death Guard Arrive, X-Wing Wave 13 & More

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Sep 11 2017

Mortarion and his Legion are here, along with an all new wave for X-Wing and Pathfinder goodies. GET IN HERE!

40K: Codex Death Guard First Look

Join the BoLS Crew for a walk through Codex Death Guard. Mind the Nurgle Rot.

AoS: Blightwar and Tamurkhan’s Hordes get FAQs

Blightwar gets an update, and Plague Toads and Ogors join the battleline.


40K: Ad-Mech Codex Soon – Deathshroud Rules Now!

Three quick GW Announcements: Ad-Mech Preorders soon, Deathshroud Rules, and the Paint App.

Privateer Press: Man-o-War takes the Spotlight

Check out Khador’s Warriors of the World as we look at the Man-O-War theme force.

GW: New Releases September 9th “Pricing & Links”

The Death Guard’s First Wave is up for Pre-Order from Games Workshop!

Pathfinder: Book of the Damned

Step into hell. Or the abyss. Or one of the other evil planes. It’s a real Dante’s Inferno situation in this new Pathfinder book.

40K: Death Guard New Units Confirmed

The Codex: Death Guard Table of Contents is out in digital form – come take a look at all the goodies!


Star Wars: X-Wing Wave 13 Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announces two new ships for Wave 13 for Star Wars: X-Wing!

~You’re all caught up – onto “Death Guard Week”

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K Lore: Neverborn of Nurgle