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Tau Rumors, New GW Minis, Privateer & Pathfinder Latest

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Mar 5 2018

The Tau are coming and the rumormill is in overdrive. Then you have RPG and Warmachine goodies to enjoy!

‘Runesaga’ Ties The ‘North Sea’ Games Into Full Narrative Game

Join the saga which ties three separate games into a full narrative experience for one viking’s journey to become chieftain.

40K RUMOR: T’au Info Dump

The T’au Codex goes up for Pre-Order March 10th, but someone is teasing that they already have seen a copy…

AoS: Melusai Unboxing – The Snakes of Khaine

We got our hands on the Melusai kit – come take a look inside!

Pathfinder: Let the Crownfall, Let it Crumble…

Civil war looms over Taldor, assassinations and intrigues abound in Crownfall.

GW: Pre-Orders March 3 “Pricing & Links”

The next wave of the Daughters of Khaine arrive along with some new battlefield terrain.

AoS: Daughters of Khaine – Unboxing the Khinerai

Come join the BoLS Crew as we open up a box of the new Khinerai units for the Daughters of Khaine.

PP: Raiders of the Slaughter Fleet On The Menu

Everyone’s favorite brand of cannibal pirate trollbloods is getting ready to come aboard.

Wyrd: The Devouring Eel Will Eat You for Lunch

Today we’ve got a new, nasty creature – and an exciting announcement for Through the Breach!


40K: The T’au Are Coming! The T’au Are Coming!

You’ve seen the rumors, and the release dates, one thing T’auwers over the next week…

~Onto the new T’autastic week!

Author: Larry Vela
  • 40K RUMOR: T'au Info Dump