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Canix Rex, Rogue Trader Unboxed, Beasts of Chaos, D&D’s New Project, Gaslands & More!

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Sep 10 2018

It was a busy weekend tabletop fans. The last missing Imperial Knight, Beasts of Chaos, Rogue Trader, D&D’s Request for support, Gaslands & a lot more arrived. Take a look.

Coming Next Week From GW – Beasts Of Chaos

The Beastmen, which comprise Brayherds, Tzangors, Ogors, and a score of other chaos-tainted marauding creatures, are coming next week from GW. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.

D&D: Add A Rumor To The Barrier Peaks

Dungeons & Dragons is getting ready to design their next big project for Extra Life–and they’re asking for your contributions. What will you say about the Barrier Peaks?

Next Week From GW: Canis Rex – The Only Knight You’ll Ever Need

Take a look at the new Knight Preceptor kit, which features everything you need to build seven different knights, including the legendary Canis Rex–plus build your own scion. More details inside!

40K: Rogue Trader – The Elucidian Starstrider Codex And You, A Primer

Well okay it’s more of an overview than a Primer, but you get what we mean. Come join the BoLS Crew as we take you through the second mini-dex in the Rogue Trader box: the Elucidian Starstriders.

Break Out Your Retro Matchbox Collection and Play Osprey’s Gaslands

Osprey Games puts out a lot of great games. One of their recent Hits is Gaslands. Personally, I really like this one because it is easy to get in on with a limited budget. Grab some matchbox cars, a rulebook, and you’re ready to play!

40K: Rogue Trader – Elucia Vhane’s Secret To Success

Rogue Traders are many things, wealthy, powerful, used to lives of danger–and Elucia Vhane is a prime example of the sort of hero the Imperium has come to call on in times of need. Take a look at what this Rogue Trader is capable of when fighting alongside allied Imperial units.

GW: Rogue Trader & Made-to-Order – Pricing & Links

There is a new batch of Made-to-Order items up for sale for the last time from Games Workshop, plus Kill Team: Rogue Trader is now available for Pre-Order!

40K: Gellerpox Infected – A Mini-Codex Tour

The Gellerpox Infected are a brand new faction and we’re taking a tour of their new Mini-codex!


Kill Team: Rogue Trader – The Unboxing

Join us as we take a look inside the new Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team: Rogue Trader Boxed set!

The Desert Dwellers From MaxMini

There’s a new batch of Desert Fighters from and you are going to want to take a look for yourself!

  • 40K: Rogue Trader - Elucia Vhane's Secret To Success