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Star Wars: Mandalorian S2E8 Easter Eggs

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Dec 23 2020

The Mandalorian season finale brought the season to an end with history, a Jedi master, and a little pulling at your heartstrings for good measure.

Can you believe the second season of The Mandalorian has already come wrapped up? It feels like it premiered last week, but here we are, talking about the season finale and speculating about next season.

Ship Sightings

This was a fun episode if you like spotting ships between the very common Imperial Shuttle that Team Mando borrowed, spending some quality on-screen time on Moff Gideon’s Light Cruiser, and Bo-Katan’s Kom’rk-class fighter as well as some TIE fighter battle action and the return of one very famous X-Wing. My favorite little detail was watching how the TIEs are moved around on their conveyer systems within larger ships. It was obvious and I’ve probably seen it before, but it was very neat to see on Mandalorian.

That Guy On The Death Star

Cara Dune has a short conversation with an imperial who lets her know that he was on the Death Star to which she replies, “Which one?” Given her official backstory has her calling Alderaan her former home, it’s not surprising that she would be less than sympathetic, but his comments are interesting nonetheless. He mentions the “millions” of crew deaths and was obviously proud to have served on one of if not both of those ships despite what they had done. Giving such a grand context to how many people happily worked on the Death Stars has interesting implications that harken back to Kevin Smith’s point about independent contractors on the Death Star. And his attitude reminds me of the scene in Lost Stars where Alderaan was a key factor in Thane Kyrell deserting the Empire to join the rebellion. Only this was clearly in no way a breaking point for the random imperial Cara Dune ran into.

RA-7 Death Star Droid

Speaking of the Death Star, there was a random RA-7 working on Gideon’s cruiser. They’re protocol droids, commonly known as “Death Star Droids” due to their use on the infamous ships. Lots of Death Star nods this episode.

Luke Skywalker!


After weeks of wondering who Grogu had reached out to as a potential master our questions were answered when Luke came on the scene. It was hard to mistake him even before we saw his face between his X-Wing, his recognizable aesthetic and light saber, and the way the music changed to a more John Williams-esque score compared to the standard Mandalorian twang. He emerged from smoke to dole out some ass-kickings like his father before him in a scene that was very reminiscent of Darth Vader at the end of Rogue One for just a moment, and eventually met the rest of the team to take Grogu away for some Jedi training. I have a lot of questions now such as:

  • Does this mean Kylo Ren kills Grogu some years into the future?
  • Did R2D2 recognize Grogu from his Jedi Temple days with Anikan?
  • Is Grogu Luke’s first student or will he be joining another student or two?

That Post Credit Scene, Though

By now you know that you had to stick around through the credits for a bonus scene and you know that it was worth it. This scene was full of references between Bib Fortuna sitting on Jabba’s old throne, and a Twi’lek dancer who looks a lot like a former dancer who used to have that same job. But there’s also a callback to Greedo telling Han “ma klounkee” or basically, “This will be the end of you,” when one of the guards let Fennec and Boba know the same thing. Just like with Han, it was decidedly not the end of them.

How did you feel about the final episode of season two? Are you excited for The Book of Boba Fett? What plot trees do you think Din will shake next season now that the Grogu arc seems to have some to an end? Let us know in the comments!

May The Force Be With You, Adventures!

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