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Warhammer’s Be’lakor Returns Next Week, How to Play a D&D Barbarian, Let’s Talk Razorcrest & Robotech

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Apr 12

Be’lakor is hitting Warhammer next week! Then learn how to master the Barbarian in D&D, check out some awesome cosplay and learn everything about Mando’s favorite ride – the Razorcrest.

D&D 5e Guide – How To Play A Barbarian

Rippling thews, big axes–there’s a lot to love about Barbarians. But it takes more than brute strength to play a barbarian. We’ll show you how.

Warhammer 40K: Where Are All The Loyalist Primarchs

Roboute Guilliman has been holding down the fort for the Imperium for awhile. It’s time for his brothers to help him carry the load. So where are they?

World of Warcraft Cosplay: Sylvanas vs Bolvar – The Veil Between Life and Death is No More

Discover what lurks in The Shadowlands in this epic World of Warcraft Cosplay from the official Blizzard Photoshoot. Who will win this epic battle?

MTG: Get Gothy With Silverquill’s New Commander Deck

Silverquill is the house that’s all about looking sharp and being sharper. Silverquill stands out with their new Commander Deck.

Warhammer 40K: Why Everyone Is A Powergamer

Do you play games to win? Well I have some bad news for you…but At least you can rest knowing that everyone is a Powergamer.

Macross and Robotech Decades Old Lawsuits Have Finally Been Settled

One of the oldest legal wars in entertainment history has ended in a settlement that works in the fanbase’s favor.

D&D: Explore The City Of Adventure – Lankhmar, A Guide

Take a look back at one of the biggest and most colorful cities in D&D–if you’re hungry for urban adventures, check out Lankhmar, City of Adventure.

Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Workhorse – The Razor Crest A Breakdown

The Razorcrest might not look like much, but she’ll get the job done. Let’s take a look at the capabilities of the iconic ship from The Mandalorian.


Warhammer 40K Next Week: Be’lakor Is Back’lakor

Be’lakor is back in a big way, and he’s ready to kick down Archaon’s door and simultaneously terrorize the 41st Millennium.

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