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40K Cosplay: Ork Mega-Armor Gonna Stomp Da Universe Flat

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May 24 2021

Humies is all weak scum that deserve ta get stomped. …dis 40k Ork Cosplay- he knows how ta fight.

We’ve covered space marines galore, Eldar Farseers, and a wide gamut of tech priests, sisters of battle, and beyond. Today though, it is time for the true heroes of the Warhammer 40k Cosplay universe to shine- the Orks.



Husband and Wife cosplay duo Fred and Elle Designs have a huge love for the Warhammer 40k Universe, and are constantly upping their construction game and portfolio of cosplays. This month, they are finishing a unique and IMPRESSIVE Ork build. We have featured their work before, which you can see HERE and HERE.


Fred and Elle Designs

Fred and Elle Designs Social Media

Check out a walkthrough video of this Ork Cosplay HERE.


“Warhammer 40K Ork. Almost finished the refit of the Big Mek into a Nob in Mega Armor. All the internal support structures and changes work. Needs a few tweaks to make it completely stable…. and to add details to the base itself.

Come see it and take pics with it at Infinity Con Tally 2021 June 5th and 6th
Built using harbor freight foam and detailed using SKS Props HD Foam. Painted using exterior house paint and game/air color from Acrylicos Vallejo.” -Fred and Elle Designs

We’re da best. Think diffrent do ya? Come and have a go then, ya runty little wimp!”


We is gonna stomp da universe flat and kill anyfink that fights back. we’re da Orks, and was made ta fight and win.”



We’re safe ’ere Gobbitz. There’s no way da beakies can get to us at the top of dis cliff…”
– Last words before being overrun by Space Marine Assault troops from the Salamanders Chapter


Dere’s jus’ one fing wiv kans wot ya’av ta bovver about – Sittin’ on dat spring gives ya piles!”


OI! Lissen ta me wen I’z talkin’ to ya! We’z gonna go on ‘dere ship, we’z gonna smash it up an’ kill anyfing dat gets in our way, an’ den we’z gonna get back on da boat an’ go home. Dat’ll show ‘em. Do you lot of ‘umie runts unnastand dat? Good. Now, wiv me: WAAAGH!”



“Wotter yer mean we only got four Stompas? We had a lots of ’em! Roight – we need ammo and scrap, an I know just where ta get ’em.”


Yer boss, dese weapons are the best wunz ever. Da Boyz will hit better, an ‘arder than ever before!”


Live off the land. Go to find war. Kill wot comes close. The old ways are best.”



Operate! Operate! Still time to operate!”


We don’t fight fer food, or fer teef, or guns, or cos we’s told to fight. We fight cos we woz born to fight. And win.”


Right, first I’ll take those teef out for yer, dat should help ease da pain in yer leg. Grokkit, hand me that wrench. Now then… Open wide, and say… AAARGH!”


Not enuff nails?

– Nah, I put da little feller in upside down.”


Wot’s faster than a warbuggy, more killy than a warbike, and flies through da air like a bird? I got no bleedin’ idea, but I’m gonna find out.”


Evil Sunz like two fings most: Going fast and krumpin’ stuff. Dat’s why we’z so good at it.”




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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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